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Aircraft Landing Gear systems

Excessive wear in the shoulder area of an aircraft tire is due to_____________. Under-inflation
How long should you wait AFTER flight before checking tire pressure? At least 2 hours (3 hours in hot weather)
There is a difference of more than 5 pounds of air pressure in a tire mounted as a dual set. You should enter it into the logbook and ________ the discrepancy. Correct
The fusible plugs installed in some aircraft wheels will melt at a specified _____________ ______________. elevated temperature
The best safeguards against heat buildup in aircraft tires are short ground rolls, slow taxi speeds, ___________ braking, and proper tire inflation. Minimum
Chines are used on NOSE wheel tires to help deflect water away from the ____________. Fuselage
When a properly operating fusible plug has allowed a tire to deflate, the should be _________. Replaced
Lockout de-boosters generally ________ full de-booster piston travel without fluid from the high pressure side entering the low pressure chamber. allow
The rubber seals used in a landing gear shock strut may be used only with a specific type of ______. Fluid
Nose gear CENTERING CAMS are used in many retractable landing gear systems. The PRIMARY purpose of the centering device is to ____________ the nose wheel before it enters the wheel well. center
A hydraulic sysem referred to as a "_______ ______" system will have all hydraulic power components located in one unit. Power Pack
By noting whether the brake is firm or spongy you can determine that all the _______ has been purged from the master cylinder brake system. Air
When a shock bottoms during landing you should check the _____________. Fluid level
You can find the correct inflation pressure for an aircraft tire in the ______ ________ ______. aircraft service manual
The probable cause of an excessive brake pedal travel with the brakes pressing firmly would be due to worn _______ ________. brake linings
A high speed aircraft tire with a sound cord body and bead may be recapped/retreaded an _________ number of times. indefinite
If a shock strut bottoms after it has been properly serviced the strut should be _________, __________, and inspected. removed dissasembled
Debooster cylinders are used in brake system primarily to reduce the ___________ to the brake and increase the _________ of fluid flow. pressure, volume
Extension of an oleo shock strut is measure to determine the proper ______________ position of the strut. operating
The function of a cam incorporated in a NOSE gear shock strut is to ____________ the nose wheel. Straighten
If the shock strut bottoms upon initial landing but finctions correctly during taxi the strut is low on _____________. Fluid
The purpose of the compensating port or valve in a brake master cylinder of an independent brake system permits the fluid to flow torward or away from the reservoir as the ___________ changes. temperature
If the extended longitudinal axis of the mains instersect aft of the a/c this condition is called _______-______ Toe out
Aircraft should be checked at least _______ a ________ or more often once, week
The purpose of this is to compensate for thermal expansion in a brake system. _____ ______ relief valve
Instructions for the proper fluid and amount of air pressure to be put in a shock strut are found in the ________ _______. service manual
Many brake types can be adapted to operate mechanically or hydraulically. Which type is NOT adaptable to mechanical operation? Expander Tube
This type of valve is used in the brake actuating line to isolate the emergency brake system from the normal power brake control valve system. What kind of valve is it? Shuttle Valve
T or F. An aircraft equipped with hydraulically operated multi disk brakes do NO set parking brake when brakes are HOT. True
The power brakes get their pressure source from the ___________ __________ system. Main Hydraulic
To ensure operation of the landing gear and gear doors are in the proper order you would use this valve. Sequence Valve
A sleeve, spacer, or bumper ring is incorporated in a landing gear oleo schock strut to _______ the extension stroke. Limit
The pedal is slowly creeping down while the pedal pressure is applied this could mean there is a leak __________ in the brake master cylinder unit. Internally
The initial shock of landing is cushioned by the ________ being foreced through the metered opening. fluid
One effect a restricted compensator port of a master cylinder will have on a brake system is the restriction will cause a _____ release of the brakes. slow
A/c brakes requiring a large volume of fluid to operate the brakes generally use _____ _____ _____ valves power brake control
The removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires by the holder of a private pilots certificate on an a/c owned or operated is considered to be _________ __________. Preventive Maintenance
The purpose of the torque links on an oleo strut is to maintain correct wheel ___________. Alignment
If the piston return spring broke in a brake master cylinder the brakes would ________. drag
ON all a/c equipped with retractable landing gears, some means must be provided to extend the landing gear if the __________ operating mechanism fails. normal
When an empty shock strut is filed with fluid, care should be taken to extend and compress the strut completely at least _____ times to ensure proper packing reing seating and remove all air bubbles. two
Primary purpose for balancing a/c wheel assemblies is to prevent _________ spots and ________ vibration. heavy, reduce
An embossed letter "___" on an air valve core stem indicates high-pressure type H
De-booster valves are used in brake systems primarily to reduce _____ and release the brakes ________. pressure, rapidly
Over inflated a/c tires may cause damage to the ______ ________. wheel flange
When bleeding brakes one indication that the air has been purged from the system is _______ brake pedals. firm
A stripe or mark applied to a wheel rim and extending onto the sidewall of a tube type tire is a _________ mark. slippage
A landing gear position and warning system will provide a warning in the cockpit when the throttle is ______ and gear is not down and locked. retarded
It is determined that spongy brake action is NOT the cause of air in the system the next likely cause would be ____________ flexible hoses deteriorated
An electric motor used to raise and lower a landing gear would be a ______ _____ wound motor. split field
The metering pins in oleo shock struts serve to ______ the flow of oile as the struts are compressed. Retard
Besides an external leak in the line, what will cause a parking brake to creep continually to the off position? An __________ leak in the master cylinder internal
In brake service work the term "_______ _______" is the process of withdrawing fluid from the system for the purpose of removing air that has entered the system. Bleeding Brakes
Exposure and/or storage near which of these are considered harmful to aircraft. Low humidity, fuel, oil, ozone, helium, electrical equip., hyd. fluid, solvents. Fuel, oil, ozone, electrical equip., hyd. fluid, and solvents.
In shock struts, chevron seals are used to ________ oil from escaping. Prevent
This little guy is used in a split wheel to keep air from leaking between the two wheel halves? an o-ring seal
Where can you find the correct inflation pressure for the tires on an aircraft? Service Manual
The purpose of anti-skid generators is to measure wheel ______ _______ and any speed changes. rotational speed
The ________ __________ valve relieves the hydraulic pressure on the brake. Skid control
An anti-skid system is an __________ system. electrohydraulic
Anti-skid braking systems are generally armed by a ________ in the cockpit. switch
In the anti-skid system, wheel skid is detected by an ___________ _________. Electrical sensor
In the air with the ant-skid armed, current cannot flow to the anti-skid control box because landing _______ ________ is open. Squat Switch
The landing gear safety switch usually is located on the main gear _______ ______. Shock strut
When a landing gear safety switch on a main gear strut closes at liftoff, which system is deactivated? Anti-skid
Excessive wear in the center of the tread of an aircraft tire is due to____________. Over-Inflation
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