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TCP/IP ProtocolStack

HC - TCP/IP ProtocolStack

What is the definition for an Application software that allows users to perform non-computer tasks such as word processing or game playing
What are ports 80 and 8080 associated with Web server
Which layer adds source and destination IP addresses to packets Network layer
Which layer handles the details of a particular networking application, e.g. a web browser using HTTP Application layer
In which layer are a port number and IP address combined to form a socket Network layer
Which layer adds port number addressing for source and destination Transport layer
What is a port an address for a software process
Which layer is responsible for splitting data to be sent into packets Transport layer
Which layer assigns a sequence number to a packet Transport layer
What does the 'end to end' principle state that the two endpoints, the hosts, should be in control of the communication
Which layer deals with error detection, retransmitting packets and detecting when a connection is broken Transport layer
The connection between two sockets provides a bidirectional communication path between end processes or applications
Which layer adds Source and destination hardware addresses to packets Link layer
Which layer handles all the physical details of interfacing with the cable, including the network interface card and a device driver Link layer
What is a client port number temporary port numbers used by client processes; they lie in the range 1024 to 4095
Define protocol a set of agreed signals, code and rules for data exchange between systems
List the layers of the TCP/IP protocol stack in order Application layer; Transport layer; Network(IP) layer;Link layer
What does TCP stand for Transport Control Protocol
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