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Unification of Italy

Nationalism in Europe

Prince Metternich Called Italy "a Geographical expression"
Giuseppe Manzzini Nationalist Leader who founded a secret society "Young Italy" (Giovane Italia)to work for unification and Italian free republic.
Count Camillio Cavour Sardinian Editor of newspaper "Il Risorgimento" who was a strong nationalist. Became the Prime Minister of Sardinia with the assistance of King Vittorio Emmanuel II masterminded the unification of Italy
Risorgimento Italian nationalistic movement meaning resurgence or revival
Vittorio Emmanuel II King of Sardinia and eventually the King of Italy was a staunch supporter of Risorgimento.
Crimean War Cavour took advantage of this war to win allies he needed to drive the Austrians out of Italy. Helped the British and French fight the Russians. They took part in the peace treaty and gained support from Napoleon III and French assistance to rid Austria.
Austrian War Cavour and Napoleon III tricked Austrians into declaring war with Sardinia which allowed France to step and help. Result Lombardy being redeemed by Sardinia.
Guiseppe Garibaldi Soldier of fortune and disciple of Mazzini (Young Italy), he wants a republic and the complete unification of Italy. Lead the "Red Shirts" in freeing Southern Italy
Red Shirts 1,000 Soldiers under Garibaldi in Genoa. THIS army sweep Italy in an attempt to Unify it.
Bourbon Family Spanish Rulers in The Two Sicilies (Southern Italy)
Pope Pius IX Pope that is pressured to join Piedmont-Sardinia. This Pope stays neutral, and flees to France for help.
"Italia Irredenta" Italy Unredeemed. Areas of Italy that Nationalist's felt should be part of Italy. Trentino, Trieste, Dalmatia( now part of Italy), Nice and Savoy(France).
Young Italy A secret society that fought for an independent unified Italy.
Venetia Remained under Austrian control after the war between Sardina/France. Annexed after the Austrian Prussian War 1866.
Tusacn, Modena, Parma and Romagna Held Plebiscites (votes) to jion Sardinia and a greater Italian Nation.
North vs. South Differences rage on even today to a lesser degree but when first unified the North was industrial and wealth while South rural and poor.
Naples Place at which Cavour stopped and convinced Garibaldi not to enter Papal States (engaging France) and hand over The Two Sicilies to Sardinia.
Napoleon III Leader of France and allied with Cavour and Sardinia to fight Austria. Pulled back when he feared a strong unified Italy would be a threat. Acquired Nice and Savoy.
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