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Publisher Chapter 2


____________ refers to the number of panels in the brochure. Page size
You can press ______________ to paste text that was copied to the Clipboard. Ctrl + V
Publisher creates a new paragraph or hard return each time you press __________. Enter
Typography refers to what types of specialized effects and fonts? Glyphs, Drop Caps, Number Styles
A __________ is a decorative initial capital letter extending below the other letts in the line. Drop cap
Which of the font effects displays selected text that appears to be raised off of the page in relief? Emboss
Visual layout guides appear as ____________ as you resize or move objects. Pink Lines
A ____________ or pamphlet, usually is a high-quality publication with lots of colors and graphics, created for advertising purposes. Brochure
__________ options are small thumbnails representing format choices that appear in a small gallery on a shortcut menu when you are ready to paste. Paste
A(n) _______________ sometimes called non-printing characters, are special characters that Publisher displays on the screen. formatting marks
___________ characters appear somewhat thicker and darker than regular characters. Bold
____________ are two or more chracters combined into a single character in order to create more readable or attractive text. Ligatures
A(n) _________ is a special font option to add distinction to your text, including outlining, embossing, and shadows. Effect
A(n) _____________ is explanatory or identification text or a title that accomanies a graphic, figure, or photo. Caption
The ___________________ finds potential design problems in the publication. Design Checker
To cut selected text, press what shortcut keys? Ctrl+X
What a program automatically changes a typed letters Fi to one letter, it is creating a ______________. Ligature
Publisher displays _________ at the top and left of the print preview to help you verify the size of the printed page. Rulers
Created by: misskline