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Access 2010

Microsoft Access Review

What is Microsoft Access? The best-selling personal computer database management system.
What is a database? An organized collection of information about a subject.
What are 3 examples of a database? Address book, telephone book, filing cabinet of files, cd tower of music
What is a database management systems? Both the database information and tools (usually electronic) to use the database.
How is an Access database organized? All objects are in one database file.
What is the file extension for Microsoft Access? .accdb
What is a navigation pane? A side panel that contains objects to select.
What are the 4 main types of objects in Access? Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports
Where is all access information stores? Tables
What is each row of an Access table called? Record
What is a record? A set of details about specific items.
What is each column of an Access table called? Field
What is a field? Objects that provide the categories for the details describing each record.
Each column is headed by what? Field Name
What is a form in Microsoft Access? A window for viewing the data in one or more tables - forms make it easy to view, input, amnd edit data.
What is a query in Microsoft Access? An object that allows you to wrok with a portion of a table by limiting the number of fields and by selecting specific records.
What is a report in Microsoft Access? Formatted information from a table or query that you can send to a printer.
How do you relate one table to another? Through common fields.
A unique identifier that you should include in each table is called a(n) __________ key. Primary
Each field has a data ___________, which indicates what can be stored in the field. Type
The _____________ contains a list of all the objects in the database. You use this to open an object. Navigation Pane
You work on objects such as tables, forms, and reports in the Access _______ area. Work
______________ view is only used to create a table or to modify the structure of the table. Design
The most common type of relationship you will encounter between tables it the ____ to _____ relationship. One to Many
___________ means storing the same fact in more than one place. Redundancy
When importing data you have two choices. What are those choices? Create a new table, or add the records to an existing table.
Created by: misskline