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Dreamweaver Vocab

wireframe the rough draft for the website: Basic layout
padding the border around the content, but inside the border
absolute positioning one element is positioned according to another element
consistency using the same fonts, backround colors and color scheme through your entire site
usability how easy it is to use your website; decreased download time, better graphics etc.
hyperlink A link to another web site or page
pathname name of a file or directory together with its position in relation to other directories traced back in a line to the root; the names of the file and each of the parent directories are separated from one another by slashes
absolute link the complete link to a web page, including the http://www.
Relative Link a link that is not complete, and can only link to an area on the site, not an external source
multimedia images, sounds, movies etc.
accessibility whether the site can be used on all browsers and devices
embedded link a link in the body, not navigation
readability the font, font size etc.
site structure the framework and navigation that shapes your website
compatibility whether the site can be used on different devices
latent behavior web analytics
root folder folder where the site contents are stored
cache component that transparently stores data
FTP communications protocol governing the transfer of files
local host the copy of the site on your machne
remote site the copy of the site online
site map list and description of the pages on your site
tag keywords that describe the HTML code
html language that the code is written in
source code collection of computer instructions
url the string of characters that forms a link to a website
Align to arrange the elements
Design view where you can only see what the websites look like in a browser
Code View only the code is shown
Code and Design view a split screen of both the code and browser view
Live View noneditable view of Design
Created by: Tania_Stark