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MND shakespeare

A Midsummer Night's dream by William Shakespeare

Egeus Father of Hermia
Lysander Hermia loves him
Theseus Duke of Athens
Hippolyta Queen of the Amazons
Oberon King of the Fairies
Helena Tells Hermia's plans to Demetrius
Puck Robin Goodfellow
Hermia Arranges to meet Lysander in the woods
Titania Queen of the Fairies
Quince Wrote "Pyramus and Thisbe"
Flute Plays Thisbe
Demetrius Helena loves him, but he's to marry Hermia
Bottom Wants to play all the roles
Snout Plays Wall
Snug Wants to play all the roles
What will be Hermia's fate if she refuses to marry Demetrius? She will have to choose to die or live as a nun.
To what do Lysander and Hermia agree? They will meet on the next night in the woods and escape to Lysander's aunt's house to be married
On what mission does Oberon send Puck? Oberon sends Puck to find a flower that has been struck by Cupid's arrow, so he may anoint the sleeping Titania, causing her to blindly fall in love with the first creature she sees upon awakening.
When puck messes up his mission, what remedy corrects the crossed-loved couples? Puck drips the potion on Lysander's eyes so he will again love Hermia.
Name one purpose for Puck's speach at the end opf the play. Thank the audience, close the play, asks audience to enjoy or pardon thier frivolous entertainment
Know and explain the themes of MND. Love, Forbidden love, rebellion, magic, reality vs. dreams,etc. supported by the text.You will need to give examples and explain
Explain the significance of the setting Athens vs. Woods= order vs. disorder; law vs. freedom or mystery, magic, darkness. you will need to give examples and explain.
Created by: schonscd