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Ch 7 Exec Branch

Spalding Academy 7th/8th 2012

Which amendment outlined the list of presidential succession? 25th Amendment
Ambassador An official representative of a country’s government
Amnesty A pardon to a group of people
Cabinet A group of advisers to the president that includes the heads of 14 top-level executive departments.
Describe the following role: Chief Diplomat directs foreign policy
Describe the following role: Chief Executive carries out nation’s laws
Describe the following role: Chief of State living symbol of the nation
Describe the following role: Commander in Chief in charge of military
Describe the following role: Economic Leader plan gov’t budget
Describe the following role: Legislative Leader guides legislation
Describe the following role: Party Leader leader of his/her party
Do you think the Presidency is more important than the Congress? Why or why not? Be sure to include examples. Answers may vary. 10 sentences
Elector Person appointed to vote in presidential elections for the major candidates
Electoral college A group of people named by each state legislature to select the president and vice president
Foreign policy A nation’s overall plan for dealing with other countries
How long is a president’s term in office? 4 yrs
How many times may a president be reelected? 2 times
List 3 FORMAL qualifications to become president. 35, natural born citizen, 14 yrs in US
List 3 INFORMAL qualifications to become president. Protestant, well educated, male
Pardon A declaration of forgiveness and freedom from punishment
Reprieve An order to delay a person’s punishment until a higher court can hear the case
Trade sanction An effort to punish another nation by imposing trade barriers
What are 3 benefits that the President receives upon election? $400,000, Air Force One, White House
What are 3 goals of foreign policy? National security, international trade, world peace
What is the Electoral College? How do they elect the president? Each state chooses electors. Electors gather in Dec and vote for president. Number of votes/per depend on # of Congress people.
What is the major responsibility of the National Security Council? Helps prez coordinate troops and foreign policy
What is the major responsibility of the Office of Management and Budget? Prepares the federal budget
What is the maximum number of years that a person may be president? 10 yrs
Which of the following is NOT a job of the Vice President? A. President of the Senate, B. “understudy” of the President, C. Become President if Pres dies, D. Commander in Chief of the military D.
Which of the following is NOT a presidential constitutional power? A. Commander of armed forces, B. veto, C. declares war, D. appoint judges C. Declare war
Created by: rejoyce431
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