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Of Mice and Men (10)

(10th) Of Mice & Men Character & Lit. Device Review

Author of Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck
People who do not fit into the world they live in. Misfits
Short, quick, smart, responsible, but he complains about having to look after Lennie. George Milton
Big, bear-like,strong,impulsive,mentally challenged-depends on George for his well being. Lennie Small
Old, slow moving, scraggly, lost his hand - wanted to give money to the "dream" of farm. Candy
Intelligent, bent spine, crippled - the only black man in the book. Crooks
Pugnacious, bully - Lennie crushed Curley's hand. Curley
Pretty, young, flirtatious - Wanted to be a movie star. Curley's wife
Self confident, authoritative - George confided to Slim what Lennie did in Weed. Slim
Big, unfeeling, shoots Candy's dog - a typical ranch hand Carlson
Old, smelly, scraggly Candy's Dog
Foreshadows George killing Lennie Candy's dog is killed just because it has become a problem to the others.
Ripples in the water symbolizes the far-reaching effects of one thing
George and Lennie's "dream" They want to buy a place of their own where Lennie can raise rabbits.
Loneliness and isolation Two themes from the novel
The novels Motif is The recurrance of Lennie touching and hurting or killing soft creatures: mice, girl in red dress, puppy, Curley's wife
George playing solitaire symbolizes his isolation because of Lennie
Diction used by the author to characterize Lennie as being like an animal. Lennie "...dabbled his big paw..."
Why does Lennie like mice His Aunt Clara use to give them to him and because they are soft - he likes to pet them.
Created by: THSENG3