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Access Unit 4 NP

New Perspectives textbook Access Unit 4

A picture is one of many of "these things" you can add to and modify on a form. controls
This type of formatting changes based on certain criteria. conditional
A search value can be an exact value or it can contain one of these characters: wildcard
This wildcard character will match any single alphabetical character. question mark
This wildcard character will match any number of characters. asterisk
Typing this criteria will give results that start with the letter m and have any number of letters after it. m*
This search criteria will match words that end in AND *and
This search criteria will match words that start with M and end with N but could have any single middle letter. m?n
To find the names Johnson, Johnston, and Johnstone in form records, type this criteria: Johns*
Use this view to view, enter, and maintain data in the table on which a form is based: Form
To change a form's appearance, you can easily apply a new: theme
Which would be found with the criteria-- a?n --ant, awn, awning, or swan awn
Before applying a conditional format, you must select a: field value box
To locate a particular customer record and view it in the form, you would use this cmomand to locate the form: Find
In this view, you cannot make any design changes to a form: Form
Maintaining data using a form is sometimes easier than using this table view because you can focus on all the changes for a single record at one time: datasheet
When setting conditional formatting options, you are actually creating a: rule
The first button at the bottom of the form on form view goes to this place when clicked: first record
The second button at the bottom of the form on the form view goes to this place when clicked: previous record
It is possible to attractively format Access tables or forms for printing by creating these: reports
Created by: skindawg