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(CK) King Lear Voc 1

(CK) King Lear Vocabulary 1

dowry money or property that a woman brings to the man she marries
disown refuse to recognize as one's own; cast off; renounce; repudiate
grateful feeling kindly because of a favor received; thankful
wrath very great anger; rage; vengeance or punishment caused by anger
trappings outward appearance; things worn; ornaments
hastily done very quickly; done without care or thought; hurriedly
deceive make a person believe as true something that is false; mislead
inheritance something received from one's parents or ancestors or from one who came before
peasant a farmer or farm worker of low social status
steward a person who manages another's property or finances; a person in charge of food
flee run away from or as from danger; get away by running
yield surrender; give away
Created by: lindajune