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Test Lesson 8

Practice Test

Without an operating system, a computer would not function. True
In a file system hierachy, a main folder can contain subfolders that contain files. True
Currently Mac OS X runs on more personal computers worldwide than other operating systems. False, Microsoft Windows
Some versions of UNIX have a command-line interface, where you enter text commands instead of manipulating objects with a mouse. True
Programmers and developers can use or modify Linux as they wish. True
Handheld operating systems and embedded operating systems are also known as mobile operating system. True
Mobile operating systems are larger and generally more caable than desktop operating systems. False, samller and less
An emulation card can be added to a Macintosh that allows it to run Windows proframs. True
When using the Internet, you cannot share files across different operating systems. False, can
A system adminstator can grant administrative rights to other users. True
The wayan operating system stores files on a disk is called an attribute system False, file system
A driver is an interface between the user and the computer False, operating system
Current Macintosh computers use Intel processors similar to UNIX computers False, Windows
Documents saved as .txt do not retain complicated formatting True
Without administrative rights the typical user cannot perform many system modifications True
Which of the following is not a task performed by the operating system? C.restrist access allowed to system administrators
keeping track of files and directories is a job performed by B.an operating system
the __identifies sections of a disk that are not being used A.file system
Which of the follwing is a peripheral device? D.printer
_was developed by a group of programmers at AT B.UNIX
which of the follwing statements is true about the Linux operating system? B.it is an open source program that is free
what is GNOME? D.a linux user interface
which of the follwing operating system has the most limited memory palm OS
the operating system on most small devices and smart phones resides on a B.ROM chip
_is a scaled-down version of the Windows operating system D.Windows Embedded CE
to save a file in text format or Rich Text Format,you use the __command in your word-processsing program C.Save As
A Rich Text Format can be transferred A.across a network
an _ is a collection of info.that determines which files you can access and which settings you use. B.user account
without administrative rights, you cannot A.install software
to have administrative rights,you must know B.the administrative password
If a copy of a Windows program doen't run on a computer with a Macintosh operating system, this is an example of B.incompatibility
If your operating system unexpectedly shuts down, what mights help solve the problem? C.rebooting the system
_might be diff. on your comp. when you are not connected to the Internet C.the links avaliable in Windows Help and Support
Catarina's profession is most likely to be which of the follwoing? c.scientist
If Catarina wanted to use a variant of the UNIX operating system instead, she would choose B.Linux
which of the follwoing is a hardware solution that Serigo could add to the motherboard of his computer to run a program that is designed for a different operating system A.emulation card
When saving a word-processing document, which format should Serigo use so that it will be readable by most word-processing programs on different system? B.Plain text (.txt)
An_is the system software that enables the comp. to communicate and operate w/ the app. software operating system
a_is a program that the operating system uses to communicate w/ various hardware devices driver
The Macintosh operating system is called MAC OS
Both the IBM AIX and Linux are based on the _ operating system UNIX
The _ is a user who hasd an administrator account. system administrator
Based on the Windows Embedded CE c.Windows Mobile
open source multitasking operating system A.Symbian OS
Includes handwriting recognition software D.Palm OS
runs on handhled devices supplied by Research in Motion(RIM) E.blackberry
Sealed-down Linux operating system B.Embedded Linux
Created by: kayarc