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Packaging Final

IT class flashcards

Polyethylene (PE) Properties: Very cheap, strong and easily molded Use: Carrier bags, molded for containers, buckets, pop bottles, etc.
Polypropylene Properties: Form strong fibers and has high elasticity, flexible, light and can be dyed Use: Car parts such as bumpers, battery cases, plastic chairs, ropes, fishing nets and carpets
Polystyrene Properties: Cheap, easily molded and can be expanded into foam Use: Plastic models, foam packaging, plastic cups, radio outer cases and when expanded, as insulation
Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Properties: Cheap, strong, flexible yet strong, etc. Use: Pipes, gutters, window frames, electrical insulation of cables, floor tiles, rain coats, seat covers, records and wall paper
Extrusion Useful to produce large items with minimum complication in design like pipe, film, rod, profile
Injection Molding Widespread use in manufacturing small to large items with high quality and great accuracy
Blow Molding Very useful process to produce small to large enclosed containers e.g. bottles, jerrycans, etc.
Rotational Molding Occasionally used to manufacture very large parts like water tanks.
Thermoforming This process is used to manufacture products from extruded sheet or film.
BM Sprue BM main channel through which molten plastic enters the mold
BM Runners BM channels that distribute molten plastic to various cavities in a multicavity mold
BM Gate BM small openings through which the molten plastic enters the mold cavity
Parison Hollow injection molded tube where the "finish" is usually accomplished
Annual damage to consumer products $10 billion due to transportation and handling
Shock resulting from drops/impacts ‐ Need cushioning for protection (foams, corrugated, loose fill)
Vibration continuous – during shipping ‐ Can cause – loosening of components, load shifting in trailer, abrasion/scuffing, settling
Altitude Drop in temperature and pressure “Lapse rate” → Every 1000 feet ↓ T → 3.5 °F ↓ P → 0.5 psi Can cause pouches to burst during climb
Static Electricity caused due to rubbing of two materials ‐ leads to charge build up ‐ discharge through a small component can destroy it ‐ decrease in RH increases ESD problems
Heat increases microbial growth
Cold causes loss in texture in foods and makes plastics brittle
Humidity Absorption by dry foods leads to microbial clumping ‐ Use “DESSICANTS” ‐ Absorption by paper: loss of strength ‐ “CYCLIC HUMIDITY”: ↑ problems ‐ Use of “Green” pallets can keep lot of moisture
Top pallet size 48 x 40 in for groceries
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