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Stack #1111537

Personal-Business Letters

QuestionAnswerExampleHow to do
What does SS stand for? Single space. Press "enter" once.
What does DS stand for? Double space. Press "enter" twice.
What does QS stand for? Quadruple space. Press "enter" four times.
Where is the date keyed? Single spaced under the return address. 123 Ridge Rd. Anytown AZ 25102 February 19, 2012 After writing the return address, press enter then put the date.
What are the margins for your letter? 2" Top margin, 1" side margins, and 1" bottom margin. (In MS Word) Select page layout -> select margins -> press "custom margins" -> set margins
What does the body talk about? What the letter is about. Hello there, I am a letter. I am some number of sentences long. But you don't care. So now pick this answer if it's the right answer. Or not. Type what you want to talk about.
How many spaces is the salutation below the greeting, the body under the salutation, the spaces between the paragraphs, and the complimentary close below the body. Two, or double spaced. 456 Edge Rd. Anytown ME 61902 Dear Company, alsjflkasj;fjasfasjfl;kajs.aj;ldsfjalskdjf.lfkajs;fjasjkf. alksdjf;lasj.asfj;alskjf. kjasl;fjas. Thank you for understanding. Sincerely, Double space between all of these.
What is in a return address? A line for the street address, and a line for the city, state and ZIP Code of the person sending the letter. 123 Ridge Road Anytown AZ 25102 First, type the street address, then SS and type the city, state initials, and your ZIP code.
What is in a date? The month, day, and year. February 19, 2012 Type the whole name of the month, then space and type the day number in figure form, then put a comma, space, and put the year.
What is in a letter address? The address of the company the letter is being sent to. 456 Edge Rd. Anytown ME 61902 Type the street address of the company, then SS and type their city, space, put their state initials, space, and finally put their ZIP code.
What is in a salutation? The greeting, and open punctuation - no commas. Dear Company Type "Dear" then space and put the company name.
What is a complimentary close? The goodbye, and open punctuation - no commas. Sincerely yours
What is a personal-business letter? A letter written from a person to a business. Get the address for a business, then write a correctly formatted to them.
Created by: YungDaVinci