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field replaceable unit (FRU) A component in a computer or device that can be replaced with a new component without sending the computer or device back to the manufacturer. Examples
FlexATX A version of the ATX form factor that allows for maximum flexibility in the size and shape of cases and motherboards. FlexATX is ideal for custom systems.
form factor A set of specifications on the size, shape, and configuration of a computer hardware component such as a case, power supply, or motherboard.
intelligent UPS A UPS connected to a computer by way of a USB or serial cable so that software on the computer can monitor and control the UPS. Also called smart UPS.
inverter A device that converts DC to AC.
joule A measure of work or energy. One joule of energy produces one watt of power for one second.
line conditioner A device that regulates, or conditions, power, providing continuous voltage during brownouts and spikes.
line-interactive UPS A variation of a standby UPS that shortens switching time by always keeping the inverter that converts AC to DC working, so that there is no charge-up time for the inverter.
low-profile case Another term for a compact case.
MicroATX A version of the ATX form factor. MicroATX addresses some new technologies that were developed after the original introduction of ATX.
Midsize towers Also called midi-towers or mid-towers, are the most versatile and most popular tower case.
multimeter A more general-purpose tool that can measure several characteristics of electricity in a variety of devices.
NLX A low-end form factor that is similar to LPX but provides greater support for current and emerging processor technologies. NLX was designed for flexibility and efficiency of space.
notebook case A type of case used for portable notebook computers.
ohm (Ω) The standard unit of measurement for electrical resistance. Resistors are rated in ohms.
overclocking Running a processor, motherboard, or video card at a higher frequency than the manufacturer recommends and is not considered a best practice. It might also void the warranty of a component.
P1 connector Power connection on an ATX or BTX motherboard.
POST (power-on self test) A series of tests performed by the startup BIOS when you first turn on a computer.
power conditioner A line conditioner that regulates, or conditions, power, providing continuous voltage during brownouts.
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