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State Board

Collateral pathology manifestation

Luo pointsExc pathologyDef pathology
Ht5 Fullness and pressure in the chest, rapid heartbeat. Aphasia.
Pc6 Chest pains, inappropriate laughter, nausea, palpitations, mental restlessness. Irritability.
Li6 Toothache, deafness, lymph node inflammation, mumps, nosebleed. Sensation of coldness in the teeth, fullness and congestion in the chest.
Si7 Looseness in the joints, atrophy of the muscles in the elbow and arm. Long finger-shaped warts, scabies.
Sj5 Spasms o f the elbow, conjunctivitis, deafness, enuresIs. Flaccid muscles in the arm and elbow.
Sp4 Vomiting, diarrhea, sharp intestinal pains.(cholera) Abdominal swelling, weakness, heaviness, jaundice.
Kd4 Irritability, depression, enuresis, retention o f urine, lumbago, mental restlessness, stifling sensation in chest. Low back pain.
Liv5 Colic, swelling and pain of the testicles, hernia. Itching in the pubic region (pruritus).
St40 Epilepsy, insanity, nosebleed, abdominal distention, congested and sore throat, facial numbness. Flaccid or atrophied muscles in the legs or feet, pharyngitis, sudden aphasia.
Ub58 Nasal congestion, headache, back pain. Clear nasal discharge, nosebleeds, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids.
Gb37 Fainting, headache, eye pain, enlarged thyroid, swollen lymph nodes, coldness in the feet. Weak and flaccid muscles of the foot making it difficult to stand
Ren15 Pain in the skin of the abdomen. Itching on the skin of the abdomen.
Du1 Stiffness along the spine. Heaviness or dizziness in the head.
Sp21 General aches and pains throughout the body. Weakness in the muscles, limbs and joints. Tremors.
Lu7 Hot palms or wrists. Shortness of breath, frequent urination, enuresis.
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