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Therapeutic Activite

Paraffin is indicated for what type of conditions Delivering heat to areas that are difficult to heat with anything but a liquid medium
contraindications for paraffin open wounds: wax and oil would irritate tissues, skin infections, sensory loss, peripheral vascular disease
contraindications for cryotherapy pts w cardiac dysfnctn should not be treated w/cold, open wnds, pts demonstrating hypersensitivity to cold, pts w/arterial insufficiency at risk of tissue damage from further vasoconstriction w/cold exposures, advanced diabetes
constrast baths are used for vascular exercise causing alternate constriction and dilation of local blood vessels. Alternation stimulates blood flow and helps stimulate healing
indications for constrast baths impaired venous circulation and indolent ulcers, subacute or chronic traumatic & inflmatry cndtions, edema, sinus or congestive HA - applied to feet or feet& hands to increase peripheral circulation and shunt bld from hd. pain reduction, incrsng jnt ROM
examples of deep heating modalities hot packs, paraffin bath, ultrasound
documentation of ultrasound MHz
Hot packs appropriate for joint contractures or preheating
bursitis inflamation of subacromial butsa. CA deposits in bursae & becomes inflammed
treatment intervention for frozen shoulder joint mobilization/manipulation, ROM in all planes, minimize pain/guarding, graded exercises, pulley/pendulum exercised, functional activites, ultrasound - deep heat to tissue, TENS for pain: pulsed or alternating current
inflammatory phase of wound healing initial response to injury, both vascular and cellular, bodies attempt to rid itself of bacteria, foreign matter, dead tissue and to decrease blood loss. Changes in skin color, temp, swelling, sensation, loss of fnctn, acute inflammation 24-28 hrs - 7 day
remodeling phases of wound healing about 2 wks after injury and may be to a yr or more, chrcterizd by balance of collagen synthesis and collagen lysis, formation and breakdown, scar becomes more elastic, smoother, stronger,if collagen synthesis exceeds collagen lysis, hypertrophic scarr
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