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AR WP1- Unit 1

AR WP1- Unit 1 Getting Started

Cursor the position indicator on a computer display screen where a user can enter text; also known as an insertion point
Default settings settings used unless another option is chosen
Function keys a set of 12 "F" keys on the keyboard used as an alternative to the menu system in choosing and executing features
Hardware the physical components, or parts, of the computer
Horizontal ruler provides features for setting tabs, margins, and indentions
Insertion point the place in a document where something will be added; represented by a blinking vertical bar, also known as a cursor
Menu bar at the top of the screen, a listing of the names of menus, each of which contains a set of commands
Network computer a configuration of computers cabled together with one workstation designed as the file server
Peripherals an input device, output device, or secondary storage device that is not part of the central processing unit (CPU)
Scroll bar appears at the bottom and/or right side of a window to allow a user to view another part of the window
Software a list of step-by-step instructions telling the computer what to do
Stand-alone computer a single, self-contained computer not attached to a network system
Title bar at the top of a window, contains the name of the open program, document, or folder
Tool bar at the top or bottom of the screen, displays buttons you can click to quickly choose a command
Word processing the use of a computer and software to produce written documents, such as letters, memos, forms, and reports
Working screen the work area that has pull-down menus
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