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Moduel 1 lesson 8

operating system (OS) system software that enables the computer hardware to communicate and operate with the application software.
Driver operating system useds to communicate with various hardware devices.
File System where the operating system stores files on disks.
Mac OS X the macintosh operating system.
UNIX operating system that is frequesntly used by scientist and programmers.
Linux a variant of UNIX operating system
handheld operating system operating system for mobile devices.
administrative rights permission to make changes on a computer system.
administravtive account A collection of information that determines which files you can access abd which settings you use.
embedded operating system similar in principle to operating systems such as windows or Linux, embedded operating systems are smaller and generally less capable than desktop operating systems.
emulation card a card that provides the ability for the computer to run a program that was designed for a different operating system.
palm OS An operating system that runs on Palm handhelds and other third-party devices.
system administration a user who has an administrator account.
Windows Explorer a program that lets you browse, open, and manage your computer's disk drivers, foldrs, and files.
Windows Mobile a version pf the Windows operating system that runs on smart phones and other handheld computers.
Created by: DunneDunne