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AHS BCA Word S-3

LearnKey Word Terms Session 3

A navigational tool that allows a section in a document to be marked and easily returned to at a later time. Bookmark
A tool that allows users to make a comment within a document. Comment
A tool that compares features of Word 2007 to previous versions to find out if documents can be shared. Compatability Checker
A tool that duplicates the formatting of an object or text and applies it to a selected object or text. Format Painter
A tool that scans the document for grammatical errors and provides options. Grammar Dialog Box
The way a document is aligned horizontally on the page. Horizontal Alignment
An option that combines two or more items without changing the basic structure. Merge
An option that allows users to retrieve quotes from the main body of text and make them stand out. Pull Quotes
A print option that allows users to send a document directly to the default printer. Quick Print
A series of cells arranged horizontally within a table. Row
A proportion used in determining the dimensional relationship of a graphic. Scale
A feature that allows users to view two different documents on the same screen. Side-by-Side
A tool that scans the document for typographical errors. Spelling Dialog Box
A feature that allows users to view two versions of the same document on the screen. Split Screen View
A feature that allows users to enter a part of th text on one page, then continue the text on another page. Text Box
A design that changes the look and format of images, outlines, and horizontal lines in the document. Theme Effects
The way a document is aligned vertically on the page, such as top, centered, justified, or bottom. Vertical Alignment
A button that allows users to reveal the horizontal and vertical rulers. View Ruler Button
A decorative text effect that can shadow, skew, rotate,and stretch text. Word Art
Created by: jodiesellers