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Preparation for English Lit Test 5

Who directs Christian to the wicket gate? Evangelist
Who directs Christian to the village of Morality? Worldly Wiseman
Who accompanies Christian until he also falls into the Slough of Despond? Pliable
Who refuses to accompany Christian to the wicket gate? Obstinate
Who pulls Christian out of the Slough of Despond? Help
Christian leaves what city to find salvation? Destruction
Definition: narrative in which the characters, places, and other items are symbols Allegory
Christian is too afraid to venture past __ in order to get to the village of Morality. Mount Sinai
John Bunyan spent eleven years in __ jail. Bedford
Christian is directed to the village of Morality in order to see Mr. __. Legality
Who said it? "I have provoked God to anger, and He has left me; I have so hardened my heart that I cannot repent." man in an iron cage
Who said it? "Do you see yonder wicket gate? Do you see yonder shining light?" Evangelist
Who said it? "What shall I do to be saved?" Christian
Who said it? "I am an enemy to this Prince; I hate His person, His laws, and people!" Apollyon
In which century did John Bunyan live? seventeenth
John Bunyan was a member of the __ class. working
In the story, to what does the den correspond? prison
Who helped Christian through the wicket gate? Goodwill
Who was/were lazy and unconcerned? Sloth
Who was a damsel in the Palace Beautiful? Discretion
Who was/were more comely at a distance than at hand? Talkative
Who was/were afraid of lions? Timorous and Mistrust
Who dwelt in the town of Carnal Policy? Mr. Worldly Wiseman
Who was slain at Vanity Fair? Faithful
Who stands for the old nature? Adam the First
Who crawled over the wall? Formalist and Hypocrisy
Who aided Christian at the Slough? Help
Which place was created by conviction for sin? Slough of Despond
Which place stands for the law? Mt. Sinai
Which place stands for the world system? Vanity Fair
At which place did Christian's burden fall off? Cross
From whom did Christian learn the meanings of the dusty parlor and the man in the iron cage? Interpreter
Who accompanies Mr. Hold-the-world, Mr. Money-love, and Mr. Save-all on pilgrimage? By-ends
Who locks Christian in the dungeon of Doubting Castle? Despair
Who trusts in the goodness of his heart? Ignorance
Who crosses the river of death with Christian? Hopeful
Who is accosted by three rogues? Little-faith
Who calls Christian and Hopeful over to see a silver mine in the hill called Lucre? Demas
After Christian and Hopeful leave Doubting Castle, they come to __. the Delectable Mountains
Who walks with his back toward Zion? Atheist
From what town is Little-faith? Sincere
Who his taken to Hell by the Shining Ones after he has arrived at the gates of the Celestial City? Ignorance
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