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Web design 2

annie/orphan annie a web page that has not been updated for a long time
applet a mini-program that can be downladed quickly and used by any computer equipped with Java
application a program that performs a function directly for a user
archive as a noun archive is the place on an internet host whete files are stored
ASP application server provider
authentication a security measure for cheching a user's identity
byte the basic unit of measurement for computer storage
Cache caches com in many tupes buy they all work the same way: they store information where you can get to it fast.
CGI common gateway interface
CGI-bin common gateway interface- binary
client a program or computer that is serviced by another program or computer
CMYK Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
cobweb site a WWW site taht hasn't been updated for a long time.
Configuration a general-purpose computer term feferring to the way a computer is set up
cookie a special piece of information about you and your computer system that is stored in a text file on your hard drive
CSS Cascading Style Sheets
data traffic the numver of TCP/IP packets crossing a network
default a value action or setting that a computer sustem assumes unless the user gives an explicit intruction to the contrary
DNS Domain Name System
file management the process of creating, naming, mocing, updating, and deleting files on a computer system
firefox firefox is a browser
FTP standard by which daya is transferred between different computers on a network
gateway a computer system or interface that connects incompatible programs or networks so that data transfer can occur
hit the access of a file by a user on a server
hit counter records the number of times that a web browser requests a file from the web server
java a prgramming language taht is specifically designed for writing programs that can by safely downloaded to your computer
kbps a modem's speed is measured in the number or bits it can transfer in a second.
launch to start or open up a computer program or application
meta tag a spcific kind of HTML tag that contains information not normally diplayed to the user
mirror a server that provides compies of the same files an another server.
modulator a person or small group of people who manage moderated mail lists
modulating the process of receiving and transferring digital signals into analog signals
morph from the term "metamorphosis" it is to turn one thing into another
mosaic the common name of a WWW multimedia browser program
netscape the dominating WWW brwser during 1994 and 1997
opera a web browser which handles common internet related functions such as exploring various websites
PDF Portable document format
Proxy a technique used to cache information on a wev server and acts as an intermediary between a wev cliend and that wev server
publish to transfer files from a local computer to remote web server so that the web site can be vuewed over the internet
router hardware that can connects a lcal network to the internet
target audience the main group of people that you want to visit your web site
telephony the process of carrying on a two-way audio conversation
telnet an internet program for connecting to a remote host or server
threads a series of messages on the same theme or topic
tracking software records information about web site visitors such as what browser they used
usenet an internet service that maintains thousands of discussion groups involving millions of people
video conferencing conducting a conference between two or more paricipants at different sites by using computer netmorks or the internet to transmit audio and video data
viewer special software often needed to view certain multimedia items on the internet
virtual community a site in cyberspace where people gather to discuss topics of mutual interest
virtual world a computer generated environment
virtual reality a three-demensional interactive enironment
web ring a ring is an internet sevice and concept that links together a group of sites that have the same theme
XHTML Extensible HTML
webmaster a person who manages and maintains a web site
web developer person who uses programming skills to develop web sites
web author person who writes the text that will apperar on each web page
active the objects currently being displayed or used within your computer screen
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