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computer literacy 1-15 power point

most common type of presentation text slide
is a list of paragraphs, each preceded by a bullet bulleted list
a symbol such as a heavy dot or other character that precedes text when the text warrants special emphasis bullet
is a separate window that enables users to carry out some PowerPoint tasks more efficiently. task pane
contains buttons, boxes, and menus that allow you to perform frequent tasks quickly. They should appear on two separate rows toolbar
is the basic unit of PowerPoint slide
this is the building block for a PowerPoint slide obejcts
the first slide in a new presentation. It’s purpose is to introduce the presentation to the audience. title slide
is a particular value for a variable that PowerPoint assigns initially It controls the placement of objects, the color scheme, the transition between slides, and other slide attributes, and it remains in effect unless you cancel or override it. default settings
are the properties or characteristics of an object. Ie. If you underline the title—the title of the slide is the object and the underline is the attribute attributes
choosing how the slide will be formatted—it specifies the arrangement of placeholders on a slide slide layout
the slide width is greater than its height landscape orentation
the slide height is greater than its width portrait orentation
when a PowerPoint window is open, its name appears in an icon on the Windows taskbar active application
is composed of three working areas that allow you to work on various aspects of a presentation simultaneously normal view
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