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Treasure Island #1


shipwrecked to cause to experience the destruction or loss of a ship at sea
bulging to swell out
arrange to put in some kind of order or position
marshy wet and grassy
gunner a person who handles and fires cannons
dreadful causing fear
passage a trip or voyage
seaman a sailor
tragic a great misfortune
propose to suggest something to other people for their consideration
reeled to be thrown off balance; stagger
peering to look hard or closely, as if trying to see something clearly
current a part of a body of water that is moving along a path
saber a heavy sword that has a long curved blade and one cutting edge
mutiny an open rebellion against authority
maroon to leave a person alone on a deserted island
cove a small sheltered bay or inlet
suspicious thinking that something is possible or true
deserted a person or thing that has been left alone that should not have been left alone
schooner a ship that has two or more masts and sails that are set lengthwise
Created by: dcarr