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Edgar Allan Poe 1

When and where was he born? January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachussetts
When and where did he die? October 7, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland
What were both of his parents' careers? Actors
When did Poe's father leave? when he was 1
When did Poe's mom die? when he was 2
Who did Poe's mother ask to take care of him when she died? Fanny Allen
What was John Allen? a scottish tobacco merchant
Where as Poe sent to school from 1815-1820? England
How did Fanny Alen die? tuberculosis
What college did John Allen send Poe to? University of Virginia
How much money did Poe owe from gambling? $2000
What kind of prison was Poe sent to? Debtor's prison
Poe joins what? the army
What academy did he attend? Westpoint Academy
After leaving the army, what did he get a job as? an editor
While suffering depression, what wa Poe prescribed? liquid opium
Edgar Allan Poe lived to the age of 40
Other than writing, what else would Poe have been great as? an artist
He published two books by the age of 20
Who was Maria Clemm Poe's aunt that he later lived with
Poe was nicknamed "Tomohawk Man" for what? his slashing criticism
How old was his 1st cousin, Virginia, when he married her? 12
Poe was the author of the fist kind of what story? detective
What poem did he write about tuberculosis? Masque of the Red Death
How long did Virginia fight tuberculosis before dying? 5 years
His most popular poem was The Raven
The Raven earned him how much money? $14
The Raven projected what his loss of Virginia
What poem did he write to immortalize his bride? Annabel Lee
What were Poe's last words? God help my poor soul
Created by: groth
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