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The Odyssey Part II

The Odyssey Part 2 Vocabulary

Lithe adj. supple; limber
Dissemble v. Conceal under a false appearance; disguise
Oblation n. offering to a god
Incredulity n. inability to believe
Cutter n. small, swift ship or boat carried abroad a large ship to transport personnel or supplies
Bemusing adj. stupefying or muddling
Shirkers n. people who get out of doing (or leave undone) something that needs to be done.
Megaron n. great, central hall of the house, usually containing a center hearth.
Haughty adj. arrogant
Glowering adj. staring with sullen anger; scowling
Impudence n. quality of being shamelessly bold; disrespectful
Furies three terrible spirits who punish those whose crimes have not been avenged
Equity n. fairness; impartiality; justice
Maudlin adj. tearfully or foolishly sentimental
Carriage n. posture
Ruses n. tricks
Nocked set an arrow against the bowstring
Wiliest adj. craftiest; slyest
Revelry n. boisterous
Contempt n. disdain or scorn; scornful feelings or actions
Abyss n. Ocean depths
Amber n. Yellowish resin used in jewelry
Ebony n. Hard, dark wood used for furniture
Defrauded v. Cheated
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