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Unit 1 and unit 2 Vocabulary

To make a graphic lighter or darker brightness
A way to change the size of a graphic resize
To combine cells to create a heading that is centered above a group of cells merge
A line of text that appears by itself at the top of a page widow
A picture file, but also includes tables, charts, screenshots, and shapes graphic
A command used to divide a cell into two or more cells split cells
To trim a graphics edge or modify its shape crop
An order that arranges a list from A to Z or 0 to 9 ascending
To make a graphic clearer or sharper contrast
To resize a graphic by numeric percentage scale
A line of text that appears by itself at the bottom of the page orphan
Marks a place in a document bookmark
An order that arranges a list from Z to A or 9 to 0 descending
To reduce the document's overall file size compress
To change a graphics position rotate
A way to obtain information from a large number of people form
A way to insert check boxes and drop-down options form fields
This is a way to prevent users from changing, or altering the text and formmating of a document protect
You use this to change the color of the background and create different shading patterns in a document fill effects
A way to add words such as DRAFT or CONFIDENTIAL to appear on every page of a document watermark
A set of fonts, colors, or effects that gives a document a unified look theme
This describes a figure or table caption
To insert formatting between the heading and page number tab leader
This lists all of the figures in a document. table of figures
This creates a list of legal references table of authorities
Marks terms that will be listed in a document Index
Indicates the name of the entry to which the user should be directed cross reference
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