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haney sport med c7

haney sprt med c7

What is the main weight bearing bone in the lower leg? Tibia
What side of the leg is the fibula on? Lateral side
What is the longest bone in the body? Femur
What bone is located between the two condyles of the femur? Patella
What are the ranges of motion of the knee joint? Flexion,Extension,Tibial internal rotation, Tibial external rotation, Anterior /posterior translation
What are ligament sprains caused by? multidirectional forces
What results in irritation of the cartilage in the patella? Chrondromalacia Patella
What is the difference between a first degree and second degree sprain? Second has tearing and stretching
What is the largest joint in the body? Patella
List the factors of Range of Motion. Flexion, extension, tibial internal rotation, tibial external rotation anterior/posterior translation
What sport is most common in knee sprains? Football
What does ACL stand for? Anterior Cruciate Ligament
What four bones make up the knee joint? femur, patella, tibia, fibula
How is osgood schlatter caused? Bones grow faster than ligaments and tendons
Patellar Tendinitis comes from what muscles? The quadriceps
Which meniscus is C shaped? Medial meniscus
What are the four common causes of muscle strains? Lack of strength, repetitive overuse, improper techniques, and inadequate warm up.
What is the difference between valgus and varus? Valgus - lateral blow, varus - medial blow
Anterior superior iliac spine is more commonly known as.. The female athlete's knee
How is a PCL injury cause? Flexed knee and fall
Why are patellar problems more common in women? The have large hips.
A lateral blow to the knee could cause which ligamentous injury? MCL injury
What angle of the hips do females have? A Q angle
What injury are females more prone to? Knee problems
What is the function of the 3 Vastus muscles? Extension of the knee
What are the functions of the semintendinosus and the semimembranosus muscles? Knee flexion and medial rotation
Decreasing angle between the femur and the tibia Flexion
Increasing the angle between the femur and the tibia Extension
What does cruciate mean? Across
Which degree sprain requires surgery? Third
What are the two cartilages in the knee, quads, and hamstrings? Medial and Lateral Meniscus
What is the weakest joint in the body? knee
What are condyles? The two slightly convex surfaces on the distal end of the femur
Rotation of the tibia toward the midline of the body Tibial Internal Rotation
A _____ athlete is more prone to a knee injury than a _____ athlete female / male
What is the main weight bearing bone of the lower leg tibia
How many ligaments are in the knee? 4
List the 4 ligaments of the knee Anterior cruciate; posterior cruciate; lateral collateral; medial collatera
Which muscle group flexes the knee hamstrings
Which muscle group extends the knee quadriceps
What is condition commonly found in an adolescent male, and having marked swelling and pioint tenderness over the tibial turbercle? osgoods-schlatters
Which ligament is typically injured with a non-contact rotational force, in which the tibia is displaced anteriorly? (the seat belt for the tibia) ACL
A _______ injury commonly occurs when one falls on a flexed knee, driving the tibia posteriorly on the femur PCL
A _______ injury commonly occurs with a lateral blow (valgus stress) to the knee MCL
A _____ injury commonly occurs with a medial blow (varus stress) to the knee LCL
What tendon is inflammed when someone is suffering from patellar tendonititis? patella tendon
What is the strongest joint of the body? hip
_____ is an injury that results from a blow to an unprotected iliac crest hip pointer
________________ is a very common and painful digenerative condition that results in the irritation and softening of the cartilage on the poserior aspect of the patella chondromalacia
Why are patellar problems more common in female athletes? Wider pelvis > creates a sharper Q-angle. The Q angle is formed between an imaginary line / angle between the ASIS and patella.
How can a female athlete prevent knee injuries? strengthening the medial aspect of the quadriceps... VASTUS MEDIALIS!
Created by: mhtgroup
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