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french vocab hard

extended vocab

depanner to repair
depasser to pass
depense expenditure
se deplacer to move
deposer to put down
des que as soon as
dessinateur artist
detruire to destroy
deviner to guess
diminuer to reduce
diplome degree
discours speech
disparaitre to disappear
disparition disapperence
disparu lost
se disputer to argue
dispute arguement
distinguisher to make out
distributeur distributor
diviser to divide
doubler to over take
douter to doubt
durant during
dynamique echelle
echouer to fail
eclaircie sunny spell
eclater to break up
effacer to erase
effectivement actually
effet effect
efficace effective
s'effrayer to be frightened
effroyable appalling
egal equal
election election
emballer to wrap
embarquement boarding
s'embarquer to embark
embouteillage traffic jam
emotif emotional
emprunter to borrow
en sus in addition
encaisser to cash
encercler to encircle
encombre cluttered
energique energetic
enevere annoyed
enfermer to shut in
ennemi enemy
enquete enquiry
enregistrer to record
enseignant teacher
enseignement teaching
entracte interval
entrecote rib steak
entretien interview
envelopper to wrap up
epais thick
epeler to spell
epinards spinach
eplucher to peel
epoque era
epouvantable dreadful
epouvante terror
equipe fitted out
equipement equipment
escalade climbing
escrime fencing
essouffle out of breath
essuyer to wipe
etablissement establisment
etape stage
eteindre to put out
s'evader to escape
s'evanouir to faint
evidement obviously
evier sink
eviter to avoid
exercer to exert
experimente experienced
exposer to display
expres deliberately
fabriqueur to manufacture
ecraser to crush
eclair lgihtening
eclairer to light up
Created by: ladywood