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Jackson era vocab

new democracy democratic principles are expaned/universal white man hood sufferage.Every white can vote.
corrupt bargain clay and adams had a private dinner the house of representatives vote for him and become secretary of state.
tariff of abdominations tariff of 1888 doesn't protect the south they are against it.
John C. Calhoun becomes vice president under adams and jackson was a nationalist then becomes sectionalist and supports south and wants to nulify tariff of abominations ( south carolina exposition)
Spoils system when a political party gives gov't jobs to its voters as a reward.
samuel startwout steals a million dollars from gov't
political machine political parties that indorse candidates.
kitchen cabinet unofficial advisers for Jackson.lawers,doctors unofficial meetings to get in touch with people.
martin van buren 8th president;founder of the democratic party.
webster hayne debate north and south debate about tariff and nationalism and states rights and isn't solved until the civil war.federal gov't was becoming to powerful and the tariff.
Columbia convention a meeting for the rebeillion of the tariff by south carolina
nicholas biddle second president of the bus ''jacksons enemy'' ''the bank is trying to kill me but i will kill it - jackson
pet and wild banks pet banks are state banks and gov't out their money in state banks. private banks were wild banks.
5 civilized tribes chicksaw,cherokee,choctaw, creek and seminole.
indian removal act tells indians to move to the other side of the mississippi river.
trail of tears: middle passage for indians while being removed.
seminole wars 1814 - 1819; 1835 -1842
sam houston general command of texas forces
santa anna mexican dictator
james polk 11th president;democratic;added most of the territory to the u.s. and was also and expansionist.
webster ashburton treaty british and u.s. creating a border for canada and maine.
manifest destiny the idea that god gave americans the right to expand west.
John slidell american embassador sent to mexico to buy california
spot resolution lincoln's demand to find where this happens and where american blood is spilled
treaty of guadalupe an agreement between the u.s. and mexico;mexico surrenedered california and western land.We mayed mexico 15 million dollars
wilhmot proviso no slavery on the territiories aquiring through mexico
william walker white southerner went to nicaragua made himself president
commodore perry: navy officer .went to Japan;he took the navy to japan and made them open their ports.
Ostend manifesto the south wants cuba for slave land,but the north doesn't
forty niners gold rush was found;people who went to california to find gold (miners)