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Oedipus book II test

sullen showing resentment and ill humor by sulky withdrawal
foreboding a feeling something bad or harmful will happen
gauge estimate; judge
crucial essential; decisive
retract take back or deny
Name at least two arguments Creon makes(during his long speech) that proclaim his innnonce -Creon has no desire to take his life/ kill Oedipus -Doesn't want to be the king of Thebes too much responsibility
What are both the chorus and Jocasta asking of Oedipus? Believe that Creon is innocent and a good guy and if he needs to know then go to the oracle the prophet
How does Jocasta attempt to assuage(soothe)Oedipus's fears that he is not the murderer? Why does it not work? Jocasta starts the to explain where Laius was killed-in reality-his son wasn't killed-the prophecy ended up coming true.
Copy one or more lines that Oedipus says that suggest his possible awareness of what he has done. Jocasta starts to explain where Laius was killed and what he looked like, "Oh no no, I think I've just called down a dreadful curse upon myself-I simply didn't know!(pg. 820)
What do we learn happened to the man who survived the day of King Laius' murder? He asked Jocasta to send him to the hinterlands. when he saw Oedipus as king the murder of King Laius and asks the queen if he can leave.
What is Oedipus' only chance-according to him-to be freed from guilt of marrying his mother and killing Laius, his father? If the servant says he wasn't the guy who killed king Laius -Can't give false information-or gets into trouble
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