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Chapter 2 Feudilism

Responsibilities and Vocab

Feudalism The economic and Political plan that developed in the Middle Ages
Barbarian A person that belongs in a tribe considered uncivilized
Christianity Th religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus
Roman Catholic Church The church headed by the pope in Rome
Pope The bishop of Rome and supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church
Monarch A ruler such as a king or queen
Fief Land granted to a lord to a vassal in exchange for loyalty and service
Manor A large estate, including farmland and villages, held by a lord
Divine Right The belief that God gives Monarchs the right to rule
Noble A person of high rank by birth or title
Duke The highest type of European Noble, ranking just below a prince
Moat A deep, wide ditch, often filled with water
Hierarchy A system of organizing people in ranks, those of a higher rank having more power and privileges
Armor A covering, usually made of metal or leather, worn to protect bodies during fighting
Chivalry The knight's code of ideal behavior, including bravery, loyalty, and respect for women
Monarch Responsibilities They were to maintain control of their kingdoms and and provide protection for their vassals
Lord Responsibilities They were to manage and defend the land and who ever worked on it,appoint officials,and act as judges
Knight Responsibilities They were to be loyal to their church and lord, protect the helpless, and be fair
Peasant Responsibilities They were to work at raising crops, and tend lifestock. They also worked as carpenters, metal workers,shoemakers, and blacksmiths
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