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Kick-Roberto Armes

Kick by Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman

Who wrote the book? Walter Dean Myers and Ross Workman
Who is the police sergeant assigned to the kid’s case? Sergeant Jerry Brown
Who was the policeman killed in a shoot-out? Johnson (Kevin’s dad)
Who is the kid who got arrested? Kevin Johnson
Where is Kevin put when he’s arrested? Bedford County Juvenile Detention Center
What state do they live in? New Jersey
What sport does Kevin play? Soccer
What position does he play? Striker
Who comes visit Kevin in juvie other than Sgt. Brown His mom and Abuela
Who’s Kevin’s lawyer? Mrs. Fox
What’s the name of the girl in the car with Kevin? Christy McNamara
Who’s the principal of Kevin’s school? Sylvia Grosnickle
What school does Kevin go to? Highland Middle School
What year was the school built? 1922
What’s the name of the soccer team Kevin is on? Highland Raiders
What’s the team Kevin’s team played in the first State Cup game? East Ridge
How did Kevin get red-carded and suspended? He was fighting a player
Where did Sgt. Brown take Kevin to “bust his chops”? Sea Girt Barracks
What were Kevin’s mom and Abuela watching when he got home? Betty La Fea (Colombian Soap Opera)
What did Kevin’s mom make for him before his Quarterfinals match? Eggs and chicharron
Who’s one of the best teams in the country? New Jersey Golden Eagles
Who’s the Golden Eagles’ best player? Kwame
Who does Kevin get compared to by his Abuela? Florentino Ariza
What did the soccer finals finish in? PKs or penalty kicks
What was the final score in penalty kicks? 3 to 4 (loss)
Created by: august11



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