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stateboard Zang-Fu

hight temp, convulsion, rigidity if neck, tremor of limbs, opisthotonos, coma T: deep-red stiff, dry Y t/c P: string-taut-rapid Lv Wind d/t extrem heat
Tremor, facial tic, severe dizzy, tinnitus, H/A, htn, dry thoat, dry eyes, blur vision, numbness or tingling of limb, poor memory T: normal w/o t/c P: string-taut fine Lv Wind d/t liv yang, liv yin Def
Tremor, irri, propen outburst anger, tinni & or deaf (sudden) tempal h/a, dizzy, red face & eyes, thirst bitt taste, dream disturb sleep, consti w/ dry stool. dark Y urine, epistaxis, haematemesis, hemoptysis ' T: red w red side dry Y t/c P: strin-t rap Lv wind from Lv Fire
Fine tremor, facial tic, dizzy blur vision,numb or tingling limb, poor memory, insomnia scanty period T: Pale thin P: string-t fine Lv wind d/t liv blood def
poor appe, full epigas or abdm, feel cold in epigas improve w/ heat, feel heavy of head & body, sweet or absen taste, no thrist, loose stool, lassitude, tired, nausea, edema, dull W complx, exc W vigina disc T: Pale stick W t/c P: rolling slow Cold damp in Sp
Abdm pain not relieve by bowel move, abdm full, diarrhea, mucus & bl in stool, offen odor stool, burn anus, scanty dark urine, fever, sweat not reduce fever, feel heat, thirst not drink, feel heavy body& limbs T; Red stick Y t/c P: rolling rapid Damp heat in LI
Mental restless, insomnia, T/M ulcer, pain in throat, deaf, uncomfort, feel & heat sense chest, abdm pain w/ want drink cold, dark urine, burn pain urine, bl in urine T: red w/ red side, swoll tip Y t/c P: surge rapid, esp F, if urine sx wiry on L rea Full heat in SI
iirritablity, abdm distension & pain, alternate constip & diarrhea, stool sometime dry & bitty (small piece) sometime loose, flatulence tiredness T: normal or sl red on side P: string-t (L) weak(R) rebellious Lv Qi invade Sp
edema esp leg & ankle, cold feel in leg & back, fullness disten abdm, sore LWB, feel cold, scanty clear urine HT: +palpi, breathless, cold hand LU: +thin water sputum, cough ashtma & brethless on exer T: pale swollen & wet w/ W t/c P: deep weak slow Kd Yang Def and water overflowing
LWB P, dizzy, tinni, cold/weak knee, feel cold in LWB, feel cold weak leg, bright W complex, tired, lastit, abun clear urine, urine @night, apathy, edema leg, infertility, loose stool, depress, impotence, low sperm, decrese libido T: pale wet P: deep we KD Yang Def
diizzy, tinni, vertig, poor mem, hard of hear, night sweat, dry mount/throat @night, LWB ache, P in bone, noc emission, constip, dark scanty urine, infert, pre ejac, tired, lastit, depress, anxeity T: nor w/o t/c P: Sup def KD Yin Def
poor app, sli abdm disten after eat, tired, lastit, pale complex, weak limb, loos stool, depress, tend to fat, bear down sens in abdm, prolasp st, uterus, anus / ub, freq urgence urina, menorrha T: Pale P: weak (if St m R ) Sp Qi sinking
dizzy, numb/ting limb, insom, blur vision, floter in eyes, dry eyes, dim night vision, amenorrhea, dull pale face w/o luster but w/ red cheek bone, muscle weak, cramps, brittle nail, dry hair, skin, depress, feel aimless T: normal w/o t/c P: Sup Def Lv Yin Def
dizzy, numb/ting limb, insom, blur vision, floter in eyes, dry eyes, dim night vision, amenorrhea, dull pale face w/o luster, muscle weak, cramps, brittle nail, dry hair, skin, depress, feel aimless T: Pale on side, thin (orange if severe) P: hesitan fi Lv Blood Def
Breathless ashtma, feel full & distension of chest & hypochondria, cough w/ y or blood ting, sputum H/A, dizzy red face, thirst, bitter taste, blood shot eye, scan dark urine, constip T: red w/ red side , dry y t/c P: string-t Liver fire invade Lu
Freq & urgent urine, burn urine, diff urine (stop in m flow), dark Y/turbid, bl in urine, fever thrist but not desire to drink, hypog full & pain feel of heat T: thick sticky Y t/c P: slippery rapid, sli wiry on L rear Damp heat in UB
Burn epig pain, intense thrist w/ desire to drink cold water, mental restless, bleed gum, dry stool, dry mouth, mouth ulcer, sour regurg, nausea, vomit soon after eat, exc hunger foul breath feel heat ( ph fire) St fire (ph fire)
child: poor bone devlp. late close fontanel, deaf, mental retard Adult: soft bone, weak knee, leg, poor mem, loose teeth, fall hair, Lwb ache, infert, sterility, dizzy, tinnu, blur vision, T: no t/c (kdyindef), Pale(kdyangdef) P: Sup def Kd Essence Def
cough w/ watery sputum, ph in throat, swollen T. w/ sticky W t/c T: swollen w/ sticky W t/c P: rolling Slow Cold Ph in Lu
Palp, Sob, weak & shallow breath, prof sweat, cold limb, cyanosis, gray W complex, in severe case coma T: very pale or blue-purple, short P: hidden-min-knott Ht Yang collapse
Chronic cough w/ profuse W sputum, thick sticky W t/c T: thick sticky W t/c P: rolling Damp Ph in Lu
hyypoch pain, abd P, vomit Bl, epist, P period, irre period, mens bl dark clot, infert, mass in abdm, purple nail, lips, complex, dry skin(severe), purple petechia T: purple (esp or only side), purple spot on side (severe) P: string-t or firm Lv Bl Stasis
frreq & urgent urina, diff urin (stop in mid stream), feel heavy in hypogas & uretha, pale and turbid urine T: W sticky t/c on root P: slow rolling, sli string-t on L rear Damp cold in UB
discomf or dull pain in epig, better after eat, better w. pressure/massage, no appe, prefer warm drink & food, vomit cleae fluid, lack of thrist, cold weak limb, tire, pale complex T: pale wet P: deep weak slow esp R M St Def and Cold
sore & weak LWB, weak knee, clear freq urin, abun urina, drib after urin, incon urina, enure, urina @night, noct emission w/o dream, pre ejac, sperma, tire, feel cold, cold limb, in women prola uterus, chr W vagi dis, drag down feel in L abdm, recur missc Kd Qi Not firm
dry cough, worse in evening, dry throat & mouth, thin body, breathless on exersion, lwb ache, night sweat, dizzy, tinnitus, hard of hear, scanty urination T: normal w/o t/c or lootless t/c P: sup def Lu & Kd Yin Def
dry cough, dry skin, dry throat, dry mouth, hoarse voice T: dry P: Def esp R front Lu dryness
cough that dry or w/ scanty stick sputum, weak hoarse voice, dry mouth & throat, tick throat, tired, dislike of speaking, thin body or thin chest, night swet T: normal dry w/o t/c (rootless) in front P: Sup-emp Lu Yin def
dizzy, tinitus, hard of hear, LWB P, dull occip or vert H/A, insom/ numb or tingling of limb, dry eyes, blur vision, dry throat, hair & skin, brit nail, dry vigi, night sweat, dry stool, noc emisi, scanty mens, delay cycle, infer T: nor w/o t/c P: sup d KD & LV yin Def
dry stool that diff to discharge, dry mouth & throat, thin body, foul breath, dizzy T: dry, either P or R body w/ rootless t/c P: thready LI dryness
constip w/ dry stool, burn sense in mouth, dry T., burn swell in anus, scanty dark urine T: thick Y (bronw/black) dry t/c P: exc rapid heat in LI
drry cough w/ occasion expectorate of scanty sputum, feel of oppress of chest Dry Ph in Lu
Dull abdm pain, allev by pressure, desire for hot drink, borborygmi, diarrhea, pale & abundant urina, cold limb T: pale body, W t/c P: deep weak slow SI def and cold
no appe or sli hunger but no desire to eat, constp(dry stool) dull or sli burn epig pain, dry mouth & thr esp in afternoon w/ desire to drink small sip, sli full after eat T: w/o t/c in center or rootless t/c, normal t/b P: sup-def on R mid St yin def
full pain & disten of epi that releive by vomit, nausea, vomit of sour fluid, foul breath, sour regurg, belching, insom, loose stool or consti, poor app T: thick t/c (W/Y) P: exc rolling retension of food
feel disten of hypch, chest, epig or abdm, sigh, depress, feel wound-up, feel lump in thr, irre mens, dist breast before mens, premen tension T: nor t/b sli R side(severe) P: str-t, esp L side LV qi stagnation
hypoch or epig disten, sli feel of oppress chest, irri, melanch, depress, moody, feel lunp in thr, feel heat, red face thrist, anger, premen disten, pre breast disten, heavy period T: red on side P: str-t esp L, sli rapid LV Qi stag turn to heat
full hypo, abdm or hypog, bitter tas, sticky tas, poor appe, nauses, feel heavy body, Y vigin disc, vagi ithc, vulva ecze or sore, mid cycle bl and/or pain, pain red and swell of scrotum, genital, skin rash & itch, urina diff, burn urin, dark uri, dysuria Damp heat in Lv
irri, propen to outb of anger, tinni, deaf, temp H/A, dizzy, red face & eyes, thrist, bitter tas, dream-disturb sleep, constip w/ dry stool, dark Y urine, episr, haemate, haemoptysis T: red t/b red side, dry Y t/c P: exc str-t rapid LV fire blazing
H/A (temple. eys, later side of head), dizzy, tinnit, deaf, blur vision, dry mouth, thr, insom, irri, feel work-up, propen to outb anger, stiff neck T: pale / sli R w/ no t/c or nor or sli R side P: exc-str-t rapid LV yang rising d/t Lv yin def
hypoc P, full dist, nau, vomit, cant digest fat, Y face, scan, dark Y urine, fever, thrist, w/o desire to d, bitt tas, dizzy Y scle, tinni, irri, feel heavy, numb limb, swell feet, burn urin, diff urin, exc Y vagin disc, loo sto or constp, alter hot/cold Damp heat in LV-GB
full & dist of hypog w/ pain which refer down to scrotum & testis & upward to hypoch, pain better by warm, strain of testis/ contract of scrotum, vert H/A, feel cold, cold hand/feet, vomit clear water fluid or dry vomit, women sink vigina Cold stag in Lv channel
tremor, dizzy, tinnit, H/A, HTN, dry thr, blur vision, numb or tingling of limb, poor mem, insomnia T: pale & thin P: stri-t fine LV wind d/t Lv yang rising and Lv bl def
tremor, facial tic, severe dizzy, tinnit, H/A, HTN, dry thr, eyes, blur vision, numb or tingling of limb, poor mem, backache, scanty urina, night sweat T; nor w/o t/c P: stri-t fine Lv wind d/t Lv yang rising & Lv and Kd Yin Def
loose stool like duck dropping, dull abdm pai, borborygmi, pale urine, cold limb T: pale P: deep weak LI cold
poor appe, sli abdm disten after eat, tire, lassitude, desire lie down curl up, pale face, weak limb, loose stool, tend to fat, feel cold, cold limb edema T: pale & wet P: deep weak Sp yang Def
L abdm twist pain, may extend to back, abdm disten, dislike pressure on abdm, borborymi, flatul, abdm pain, releive by emission of wind, pain in testis T: W t/c P: deep-wiry esp rear SI Qi pain
LWB P, cold weak knee, sense cold in back, feel cold, weak leg, bright W face, impotence, pre ejac, low sperm, cold thin sperm, decrease libido, tire, lassitude, abun clear urine, urin @night, apathy, edema leg, infert, loose sto, depress, poor appe, KD & Sp yang Def
cough, feel heat, thrist, red T. w/ Y t/c Lu heat
malar flush, mental restless, insom, night sweat, low grade fever, aftern fever, five palm heat, feel heat in aftern/evening, scan dark urine, bl in uri, dry th esp @night, thri want drink sip, dizzy, tinni, hard of hear, LWB P, exc sex desire, dry stool Kd Yin def w/ empty heat blazing
mental confusion, unconciuos, letharg stupor, incoherent speech, slurr speech, aphasia, vomit of ph, ratting sound in Thro, depress, very dull eyes T; swollen w/ thick sticky t/c M crack reach tip P: rolling Ph misting mind
nausea, diff in swolling, bleching, vomit, hiccup T: no change P: tight or wiry on R mid St Qi rebellious
palpitation, sob on exertion, tired, spon sweat, sli feel of stuff or discomf in Ht region, feel cold, cold hand, bright pale face, sli dark lips T: pale sli wet P: deep weak severe case Knotted HT yang Def
Palpi, dizzy, insom, dream-dist sleep, poor mem, anxiety, depress, propen to startled, dull pale face, pale lip, blue vision, floater eyes, dim night vision, tingling numb limb, scanty period, cramp, muscle weak, dry hair & skin, depress, feel aimless HT & LV blood def
palpita, mental restless, insomnia,dream-distu sleep, anxiety, poor mem, dizzy, tinnit, hard hear, lwb ache, noc emission w/ dream, feel heat in evening, dry thro @night, thri w/ drink sip, night sweat, 5palm heat, scan dark urin, dry stool Kd & Ht not harmonize
palpitation, dizzy, insomnia, dream-disturb sleep. poor mem, anxiety, propen to startled, dull pale complex, pale lips T: pale thin sli dry P: hesitant or thready HT blood def
palpitation, insomnia, dream-dist sleep, propen to be startled, poor mem, anxiety, mental restless, uneasy, fidgetiness, dry mouth, night sweat T: no t/c, deep mid crack reach tip P: super def HT yin Def
1. Palpitations, sob on exertion, pale face, spontaneous sweating, tiredness, slight depression T: pale or normal color (in severe case tongue could have a midline crack reaching the tip and with swelling on each side of it) P: deficient HT Qi def
cough w/ watery frothy sputum Ph fluid in Lu
cough, Y or green sputum, thick sticky Y t/c rapid rolling P. Ph heat in Lu
Poor appetite, slight abdominal distension after eating, tiredness, lassitude, pale complexion weakness of the limbs, loose stools, uncomf feel in epig, lack of taste sens T: pale P: def esp R m St-Sp Qi def
SOB on exer, rapid & weak breath diff in inhal, chro cough or asth, spon sweat, cold limbs, cold limbs after sweat. Swell of face, thin body, mental listlessness, clear urin during asthma attack, LWB P, dizziness, tinnitus T: pale ​​​​​P: deep-weak-tigh Kd fail to receive Qi
Slight SOB, slight cough, weak voice, spontaneous daytime sweating, dislike of speaking, bright-pale complexion, propensity to catch colds, tiredness dislike of cold T: pale   P: Deficient esp right front Lu Qi Def
Palpi, stabbing/prick pain in chest may radiate to inner asp left arm or shoulder, feel oppress/constric of chest, cyanosis of lips and nails. Cold hands T: purple in its entirety or only on the sides in the chest area P: hesitant, string-taut, knotted Ht Bl stasis
Severe stabbing epigastric pain that may be worse at night, dislike of pressure, nausea, vomiting, possibly vomiting of blood. Vomiting of food looking like coffee grounds T: purple ​​P: string taut Bl stasis in St
Sudden cramping abdominal pain, diarrhea with pain, feeling of cold, cold sensation in abdomen T: thick white coating ​​​​P: deep tight Cold invade LI
Sud severe pain epig, feel cold, cold limb, prefer warm, vomit clear fluids (which may alleviate pain), nausea, feeling worse after swallowing cold fluids, which are quickly vomited, preference for warm liquids T: thick white coating ​​P: deep tight slo Cold invade St
Severe abdominal pain, dislike of pressure, abdominal distension, constipation, vomiting, borborygmi, flatulence             T: thick white coating           P: deep string taut SI Qi tied
Poor app, sl abdm disten after eat, tire, lassit, pale-sallow complex, weakness limbs, loose stools, depression tendency to obesity, blood spots under the skin, blood in the urine or stools, excessive uterine bleeding T: pale ​​​​P: weak or therady Sp not control Blood
Dizziness, blurred vision, floaters, nervousness, timidity, propensity to be easily startled, lack of courage and initiative, indecision, sighing, waking up early in the morning, restless dreams T: pale or normal ​​​P: weak GB def
Uncomfortable feeling in the epigastrium, lack of appetite, lack of taste sensation, loose stools, tiredness esp in the morning, weak limbs T: pale P: deficient esp right middle position St Qi Def
Palpi, thirst, mouth & T. ulcer, metal restless, feel agitate, feel heat, insom, d/d sleep, red face dark uri, bl in uri, bitter taste (after bad sleep) Ht Fire blazing
Palpi, thir, R. face, bitter taste, feel oppress chest, phl, rattli sound in thr, mental restles, insomnia, d/d sleep, agita, incohe speech, mental confuse, rash beha, tend to hit or scold people, uncon laugh or cryi shout, muttering, depress Ph fire harassing Ht
Aversion to cold, fever, cough, itchy throat, slight breathlessness, blocked or runny nose with clear watery discharge, sneezing occipital headache, body aches T: Thin white T/C     P: superficial tight Wind Cold
Aversion to cold, fever, cough, sore throat, blocked or runny nose with yellow discharge, sneezing headache, body aches, slight sweating slight thirst, swollen tonsils T: slight red sides in the chest area or front part     P: Superficial-rapid Wind heat
7. Sudden swelling of eyes and face gradually spreading to the whole body, bright-shiny complexion, scanty and pale urination, aversion to wind, fever, cough, sI breathlessness T: sticky white coating          P: Superficial-rolling Wind water
Abd pain and distention, bad taste in mouth, sallow complexion. Ro worm (ascarid): abd pain vomit ro worm, cold limb Hookworms: wanna eat strange objects Pinworms: itchy anus, worse in the evening, tapeworms, constant hunger Infestation of worm in Si
Slight SOB, slight coughing, weak voice, dislike of speaking, bright-white complexion, propensity to catch colds, tiredness, palpitations, depression, spontaneous sweating sighing T: Pale                   P deficient, esp both front Lu Qi & Ht Qi Def
Hypochon or epigas disten, hiccup, sigh, nausea, vomit, belching. churn feel in St, irri in women breat disten T: no change, red side(severe) P: st-t (esp LV & ST) Rebellious of Lv Qi
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