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Vocab 8 eng 9h

vocab 8 eng 9h

very slender candle; a source of feeble light/tow taper/noun
to make greater in size or extent or quantity/tow augment/verb
augment(dpos/antonyms) augmentation(noun)/to decrease, to make smaller
damp and humid/tow dank/adj.
dank(dpos/antonyms) dankness/dry
having a healthy reddish color/tow ruddy/adj.
ruddy(dpos/antonyms) ruddiness(noun)/pale, sickly
about to occur/tow imminent/adj.
imminent(dpos/antonyms) imminence(noun)/delayed, postponed
awareness/tow cognizance/noun
cognizance(dpos/antonyms) cognizant(adj)/lack of awareness
a fever/tow ague/noun
ague(antonyms) health, wellness
an imitation of another/tow emulation/noun
emulation(dpos) emulate(verb)
powerful; mighty/tow puissant/adj
puissant(antonyms) feeble, weak
expense of the heavens; the sky/tow firmament/noun
fearful about the future; uneasy/tow apprehensive/adj
to put up with; to go along with; to tolerate/tow abide/verb
abide(antonyms) to rebel
to kneel down in humility or admiration; lying down at full length/tows prostrate/verb, adj
having a natural tendency; quick to learn or understand/tow apt/adj
apt(dpos/antonyms) aptitude/unskilled
a desire to harm others or to see others suffer/tow malice/noun
malice(dpos/antonyms) malicious(adj), maliciously(adv)/goodness
respect; an act of respect; honor/tow reverence/noun
a verbal exchange; a conversation/tows discourse/noun, verb
to bury/tow inter
inter(dpos/antonyms) interment(noun), extra r to regular ending verbs/to raise from the ground
causing pain or grief or hurt/tow grievous/adj
grievous(dpos/antonyms) grievousness(noun)/beneficial
to overcome; to defeat or conquer in battle/tow vanquish/verb
vanquish(antonyms) to be conquered
a polite expression of greeting or good will/tow salutation/noun
disgusting; unpleasant/tow vile/adj
vile(dpos/antonyms) vileness(noun)/wonderful, pleasant
extremely jealous/tow covetous/adj
covetous(dpos/antonyms) covetousness(noun), covet(verb)/generous, giving
a ghost like figure; a ghost/tow apparition/noun
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