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French Quiz 4

chapters 8-9

Define une boisson A drink
How do you say lunch le dejuner
what is une entree the first course
how do you say breakfast le petit dejeuner
what is un plat? a dish (as in entree not dishes)
how do you say meal un repas
How do you say dessert un dessert
what is le diner dinner
what is le cafe coffee
what is des cereales cereal
how do you say pork products la charcuterie
what is un chose a thing
how do you say fries les frites
how do you say ice cream la glace
what is le jus(d' flavor) juioe
how do you say milk le lait
how do you say pasta des pates
how do you say bread roll un petit pain (literally the small bread)
what is le poivre pepper
what is le riz rice
how do you say chicken un poulet
what does le saucisson mean? salami
how do you say salt le sel
what is un tartine french bread with butter and jam
what is a assiette a plate
how do you say knife? un couteau
how do you say spoon cullere
what is a fourchette a fork
what is a nappe and a serviette a tablecloth and a napkin
how do you say cup un tasse
what is a verre a glass
what is la guerre war
what is attendre to wait for
what is dejuner to have lunch
what is descendre to descend
how do you say I sleep? je dors
how do you say you hear(vous) vous entendez
what is mentir? to lie
what is the infinitive to leave, and what is its nous form partir, partons
what is perdre and how is it used? to lose, perdre la tete (to lose one's mind)
what is raconter to tell
what is rendre to return (to return to/or somthing)
what is sentir to smell
how do you say to go out sortir
what is to sell vendre
what is apres after
how do you say before avant
what is comme as or like
how do you say light leger
what is sucre(e) sweet
How do you say heart in french coeur (oe letter)
what is la bouche the mouth
what is les bras arms
how do you say brain le cerveau
how do you say hair cheveux
what is a corps body
what is le dent tooth
what is le doigt finger
what is le dos back
what is l'epaule shoulder
what is le genou the knee
how do you say throat gorge
how do you say leg jambe
how do you say hand main
what is le nez nose
what is l'oeil eye
how do you say ear l'oreille
how do you say chest la poitrine
how do you say foot pied
what is poumon lung
what is la tete the head
what is ventre belly
what is le visage the face
how do you say ache or pain une douleur
how do you say flu une grippe
how do you say to have a fever avoir de la fièvre
how do you say nurse? doctor? Infirmier(ière) Mèdecin/femme mèdecin
what is a medicament medicine
what is un moucoir en papier facial tissue
what does le nez qui cole mean runny nose
what is une ordonnance a perscription
how do you say common cold un rhume
how do you say health la santè
what is avoir mal? to feel ___
what is tomber malade to become sick
what is tousser to cough
how do you say sick malade
Created by: DreadxD