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Hem1 Chp18 DelTech

Test on Hematology 1 Chapter18 for DelTech Owens

What does the word anemia literally mean? No blood.
What are normal hemoglobin values for adult males? 14-18 g/dl
What are normal hemoglobin values for adult females? 12-16 g/dl
What is the hemoglobin range for moderate anemia? 7-10 g/dl
What is the hemoglobin range for severe anemia? <7 g/dl
What are normal hematocrit values for an adult male? 42-52%
What are normal hemotocrit values for an adult female? 37-47%
Normal ranges for things like hemoglobin and hematocrit depend on what four things? age, gender, race, environment
The definition of anemia is a reduction of more than __ percent from the normal value for the total number of red blood cells. ten
What are the two most common causes of anemia? hemorrhage and nutrition
What sort of deficiencies in nutrition can cause anemia? iron, folate, B12
What sort of toxicity can cause anemia? lead poisoning
Accelerated destruction of __ can cause anemia. RBCs
T.B., malaria, and tripanisomes are all examples of __ that can cause anemia. infections
What kinds of medical procedures can cause anemia? radiation, antibiotics, and bone marrow replacement
True or false: hereditary conditions cannot cause anemia. false
You must consider patient __ when deciding the cause of anemia or any other condition. history
Name 5 things one should consider before making a diagnosis. 1) patient history 2) physical exam 3) signs 4) symptoms 5) lab values
Skin color, eye color, mouth and gum color, sternal tenderness, lymphadenopathy, cardiac murmurs, splenomegaly, and hepatomegaly are thing to check during a __ exam. physical
Iron and vitamin C can treat __ anemias. moderate
Vertigo, headache, muscle weakness, lethargy, pallor of conjunctiva (color of eye-whites), and dyspnea (shortness of breath) are all signs of __ __. moderate anemia
Tachycardia, hypotension (low blood pressure), severe weakness, loss of breath, and volume loss are all signs of __ __. severe anemia
Other tests for anemia include: urinalysis, parasite exam, occult blood (meaning stool, rectal exam)
If a patients HGB is between 7 - 10, they have __ __. moderate anemia
The rule of 3 says that HGB should be __ times the level of RBCs. three
The rule of 3 says that HCT should be __ times the level of HGB. three
The MCV is a measure of the __ __ of an eythrocyte. average volume
What is the normal range for an MCV? 80 - 96 fl
MCV is determined by multiplying __ by 10 and dividing the result by the __. HCT, RBC
MCH expresses the __ __ of hemoglobin in an average erythrocyte. average weight
MCH is directly proportional to the amount of __ and the __ of the erythrocyte. HGB, size
MCH is determined by multiplying the __ by 10 and dividing the result by the __. HGB, RBC
MCHC is the average __ of hemoglobin per unit volume of erythrocytes. concentration
MCHC is the ratio of the __ or hemoglobin to the __ of the erythrocyte. hemoglobin, volume
The normal range for MCH is? 27 - 32 pg
The normal range for MCHC is? 32 to 36 g/dl
MCHC is determined by multiplying HGB by __ and dividing the result by the __. 100, HCT
Red cell distribution width (RDW) is an index of the variation in cell __ within the red cell population. volume
Normal RDWs are __. homogenous
Red cell populations with higher than normal RDW are termed __. heterogenous
RDW can be the first test result to __ with changes in RBC population sizes. increase
RDW is determined by dividing __ by the standard deviation of red cell volume. MCV
On an RDW/RBC histogram, the hump will shift to the left if the blood cells are __. microcytic
On an RDW/RBC histogram, the hump will shift to the right if the blood cells are __. macrocytic
On an RDW/RBC histogram, if there is only one hump, the sample is __. homogenous
On an RDW/RBC histogram, if there are 2 humps, the sample is __. heterogenous
Increased numbers of reticulocytes will cause an increased __. RDW
A retic count assesses the production of RBCs in the __ __. bone marrow
Retics are RBCs that have just left the marrow but still possess residual __. RNA
Retics remains in the blood __ days. 1 to 1.5 days
A normal retic count is between __ and __ percent for adults. .5 and 1.5%
A normal retic count for newborns is between __ and __ percent. 1.8 and 5.8%
Retic counts are made by mixing __ amounts of blood and new methyline blue (or another supravital stain). equal
When seen under a Wright's stain, retics appear __. polychromatic
Supravital stains allow cells in the sample to remain __. alive
To determine a patient's corrected retic count, you divide the patient's __ by whatever HCT is __ for their gender and age. HCT, normal
RPI stands for __ __ __. retic production index
Premature retics remain in the blood and take from __ to __ more days to mature. 1, 1.5 more days
Prematurely released retics will cause the __ __ count to be elevated. corrected retic
To find the RPI, you must divide the __ __ by the __ __ in days. corrected retic by the maturation time in days
Obtaining a patient's retic count is better and easier than performing a __ __ test. bone marrow
Created by: IsaacJ