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What is pressure? A Measure of the amount of force that acts on a unit of area.
What is one major mechanical advantage of a Hydraulic system? Ease with which force can be transmitted over large distances and into sealed compartment or Large gain in mechanical advantage made possible by varying the size of pistons.
What are three characteristics of Hydraulic fluid? Viscosity, Chemical Stability, Flash Point, Fire Point
what's the relationship Between Area, Distance, And Volume? The area of the piston, the distance it moves, and the volume of the fluid displaced Volume = Area x Distance
Types of hydraulic fluids: Vegetable-base Mineral-base Synthetic Fluid
what' re characteristics that most desirable for hydraulic fluids? -high flash point and high fire point.
what stores fluid under pressure and provides instant pressure to other components? hydraulic accumulators
flash point is described as: ignites momentarily
fir point is described as: ignites, continues to burn.
What is the relationship between pressure, force and area? Pressure = Force x Area
What is one of the requirements of hydraulic fluid? Fluid must be incompressible
What things must hydraulic fluid be? Must not foam Not compressible Not corrosive Viscus Lubricant
What is flashpoint? Where a liquid is heated to where flammable vapor is formed
What is fire point? When the vaporized gas catches
What are the three kinds of hydraulic fluids? Vegetable, mineral, synthetic
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