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Connectors (and, but, because, therefore...)

And e Jack and his brother are twins.
But mas, exceto But some things are just like that.
Or ou Yes or no?
After depois / após After all my attempts, he finally answered the phone.
As uma vez que / dado que / ao passo que / à medida que / ao mesmo tempo que / tão As I was saying... / As we approached him... / He was so happy to he her!
Besides (para) além de/disso Besides, she is too young for you!
Anyway seja como for / de qualquer forma Anyway, I was saying that...
Before antes de Before we continue, I need to decide on this.
Since uma vez que (dado que)... / desde Since he was so drunk, I let him sleep it off. / It's been like this, since 1980.
Until / Till / 'til até (que) We played until we couldn't do it any more.
When / Whenever quando / sempre que When they are here, everything is different. / Whenever he says that, I get chills.
While enquanto While you were talking, I finished al my tasks.
Also também He also said that he wanted to see you.
Afterwards seguidamente / (logo) de seguida They did that afterwards.
At the same time ao mesmo tempo (que) They both started talking at the same time.
Earlier mais cedo, anterior His earlier decision was better.
Eventually possivelmente / mais tarde ou mais cedo Eventually, they'll agree with us.
Finally finalmente Finally, I would like to say that...
First primeiro (primeiramente) First, I would like to say that...
Furthermore (para) além disso / além do mais Furthermore, the person in question must not represent up!
In addition to além disso In addition to what I've said before, I would like to say that...
Later (on) mais tarde Changes later on are also possible.
Meanwhile (in the meantime) entretanto Meanwhile, the other workers had already left.
Moreover além disso Moreover, we offer various holiday and seasonal discounts.
Next em seguida / seguidamente Next, I'm going to talk about...
Now agora Now, everything is calm.
Soon em breve Soon, I'm sure it will all change.
Then depois (=seguidamente) / então (=depois) Then, she said: 'Why not?'
Last por último / último Last but not least, we need to discuss a recent problem.
Yet contudo / no entanto / (já/ainda) Yet, few will be able to study those pages without a dictionary.
Although / Though / Even though muito embora / apesar de Although we had tried, we couldn't find it anywhere.
Whereas enquanto / ao passo que Dogs like to play, whereas cats like to sleep.
By por / através/ por volta de / perto de (de + transporte público) That was said by him. / I'll send you the report by the end of the week.
In comparison to (When compared to) em comparação com (quando comparado com) This bag, in comparison to than one, is much cheaper.
By contrast to/with em contrapartida / em contraste (com) / por outro lado By contrast, there are many opportunities to reduce greenhouse gases in developing countries.
Even so ainda assim Even so, you shouldn't have done that!
However contudo However, that is not always the case.
In the same way do mesmo modo In the same way, I could have asked her to come with me.
Likewise do mesmo modo / da mesma forma Likewise, I think that we should think about the problem...
Nevertheless / Nonetheless não obstante / todavia / ainda assim Nevertheless, there are other issues to address.
On the contrary pelo contrário On the contrary, my dear Watson. You've thought quite correctly.
On the other hand por outro lado On the other hand, we need to consider the possible disadvantages, too.
Similarly da mesma forma Similarly, we need to consider the possible disadvantages, too.
Still ainda assim / ainda Still, there are a lot of things we haven't considered yet.
For devido a / durante For many years he continued doing the same, for no apparent reason.
So portanto / tão So, I guess he must be out of his mind!
If se If it weren't for you, I'd have never been there.
As if como se She's criticizing as if she had never done the same mistake, too.
Because porque / uma vez que... Because they were abroad, they were forced to speak in a different language.
Since dado que / desde Since there wasn't no one else available that day, I decided to help.
So that para que He just went so that no one would say anything bad about him.
That is (to say) isto é / ou seja Yes, he invented them, that is, he discovered them and reinvented them.
Unless a não ser que It is due to expire on 30 September 2008 unless it is extended.
According to de acordo com According to John, the deadline has already expired.
Accordingly em conformidade He heard it and acted accordingly.
As a result como resultado (disso) As a result, he was put in jail.
Consequently consequentemente (como consequência) Consequently, the number of young people in our church doubled.
For this reason por este motivo For this reason, I prefer remaining silent.
Hence logo / como tal (=conclusão) Hence, you have to implement diverse strategies for winning the game.
Otherwise caso contrário Good thing you are here. Otherwise, I wouldn't stay very long.
Therefore portanto / por conseguinte Therefore, we ensure a complete formation.
Thus desta forma / assim (sendo) Thus, articles dealing with this issue will have priority.
For example / For instance por exemplo Airlines, for instance, have different charging methods for carrying animals.
In conclusion / To conclude em conclusão / para finalizar In conclusion, 53% of the problems have now been resolved.
In summary em suma / em resumo In summary, the present policy is not delivering the desired results.
In short em suma In short, making innovation the key element in improving the competitiveness and productivity.
In fact / As a matter of fact na verdade That does not mean more regulation; as a matter of fact, it means less.
In other words por outras palavras In other words, it is not a matter of changing human nature, but something else.
In particular em particular Parents and teachers, in particular, are the most affected parts.
Of course claro / evidentemente There is, of course, a broad consensus on this issue.
Specifically especificamente The honourable Member specifically mentioned the optical radiation directive.
Whether (whether... or) se / quer...[ex. seja/goste...]/ (se... ou) Whether he likes or not, I'll do it my way.
Nor nem We do not market nor distribute shares of investment funds.
How como / de que forma He doesn't know how to solve the problem.
That que He says that it will all be ok.
What / Whatever o que (é que) / o que quer que I don't know what it is, but whatever it is, it is important.
Where / Wherever onde / onde quer que I don't know where he is, but wherever it is, it is very loud.
Which / Whichever que/o qual / qualquer que I don't know which coat should I take.
Who / Whoever que/quem / quem quer que Whoever called, hung up. I'm sure it's that boy who lives down the road.
Whose cujo / de quem The man whose wife is sick is here to talk to you.
Why porquê / porque motivo I can't understand why he is always calling me.
In spite of / Despite apesar de In spite of being so sad, I ended up coming anyway.
In case caso In case you are not here at 8am, I'll leave!
In any case de qualquer forma In any case the islanders have the same theology as a number of people have today.
As long as desde que (ex. desde que vás lá, está tudo bem.) As long as you don't go there, it's fine with me.
As well as assim como They make cars as well as trucks and motorcycles.
Than do que That's better than staying at home alone.
Aiming to com o propósito de We are aiming to improve the average success of the youth system.
As soon as logo que / tão brevemente quanto As soon as you don't upset me, I'll finish the work. I can only promise to finish it as soon as possible.
Every time sempre que Every time she comes here, there is a new problem.
Too / either também / também não/também? I like him too. / I don't like him either. /
Either... or... (eg. You either come or you stay) ou.. ou (ou vens ou ficas) You can either come or you can stay.
Neither... nor... nem.. nem He neither works nor let us work.
Both (Both... and...) ambos (tanto [um]... como [o outro]) Both Mary and John are saying they'll think about it.
Because of that por esse motivo / devido a isso Because of that, I don't know what else to think.
Namely nomeadamente This means that the first notification deadline is 3 January, namely for all substances placed on the market on 1, 2 and 3 December 2010.
Apart form that à parte disso / para além disso Apart form that, they believe we could do a bit more than what we're doing now.
Finally por último / finalmente Finally, I would like to say that...
Following seguinte / na sequência de Following the announcement of the results of the evaluation on 25 January, the Probationary Judges wrote to the Superior Council of Magistrates.
Due to devido a The flight was cancelled, due to bad weather.
Owing to the fact devido ao facto / devendo-se ao facto There is some cause for debate owing to the fact that cross-border direct debits are more costly than equivalent transactions at national level.
Unlike ao contrário de... Unlike you, I have some pride in my job.
In theory / In practice em teoria / na prática In theory that seems a good idea. In practice, it's too costly.
Provided that desde que (ex. desde que vás lá, está tudo bem.) / uma vez que Refund is only possible provided that the respective earnings are properly declared for the purposes of income taxation.
Just / only (not only... but also) apenas/ só /somente (não só... mas também) Not only did he say all of that but he also said...
Subsequently subsequentemente
Possibly possivelmente / é possível que Possibly, she ran into some unexpected occurrence.
Ever since desde que (tempo) - ex. desde que ele voltou que tudo mudou Ever since she arrived, I totally forgot about me.
As well também She wants to talk to you as well.
Even assuming that mesmo partido do princípio de Even assuming that is true, I rather not knowing about it.
Whereupon / whereon sobre o qual / quando (seguidamente) The operating system will install all required drivers. Whereupon the device will be displayed in the Windows Explorer.
Actually na verdade / realmente It began testing the mix with a German client in the automotive industry to see how it actually performed.
As far as (I know / I am concerned) tanto quanto (~sei / no que me diz respeito) As far as I know, she is still single.
Given that dado que Given that she is not coming, maybe we should get started.
Taking into consideration / Taking into account tendo em conta (que) / atendendo a... Taking everything into account, I've decided to stop the project.
From now on(wards) / Henceforth daqui por diante / Doravante From now on, I'll tell you what to do.
For all I know tanto quanto sei For all I know, the other Member States are being exploited by those companies.
By the time quando / na altura em que By the time I got there, he had already left.
In order to de modo a que In order for me to help you, you need to tell me the whole truth.
Once uma vez que (=quando)/ logo que Once he activates it, we will be ok.
To some extent Até certo ponto To some extent, we already have a constitution, which consists of the Treaties.
Most of the time / most times a maior parte do tempo / a maioria das vezes He spends most of his time on the computer. Most times, he doesn't even do his homework.
Within Dentro (de x tempo) / Dentro (no interior de) I want you in the car within five minutes.
In the vicinity of Nas imediações de (nos espaços contíguos a) Do not operate the product with radio or digital cellular phone devices in the vicinity of filling stations or chemical installations.
Over and over repetidamente I warned him over and over, but it didn't matter.
In a matter of seconds Numa questão de segundos / No espaço de segundos In a matter of seconds, they robbed the bank and got away.
More or less (so so, kind of...) Mais ou menos He kind of liked it. / He liked it more or less, you know?!
Rather (than) Prefiro... (do que) / Bastante I rather staying here than going with you. / He is rather odd.
Notwithstanding Não obstante Notwithstanding those remarks, as the saying goes, the devil is in the detail.
Up to a point Até certo ponto Such an attitude is understandable up to a point and for a limited time.
Doubtless Indubitavelmente The wording is doubtless much too vague.
In regard to / Regarding Em relação a / Com respeito a In regard to service, different Rotarians prefer different types of service.
Regardless Independentemente de Do your best to keep calm regardless of what happens.
At least Pelo menos At least 75% of the populations of 33 countries, including the richer members of the OECD and the most important Latin American republics, now live in towns or cities.
Except (~that/~for) Exceto Except for Johen, who decided to stay home.
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