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Lit and Comp

Vocab lesson 5

Apprehensive Anxious fearful about the future; uneasy related words: apprehensively adv; apprehensiveness noun
Categorical a. Without exception or qualification; positive; absolute b. Of or in a category Related words: categorically adv; category noun Ex. Alex had the habit of making categorical statements that stopped all conversations
Conclusive adj. Serving to put an end to doubt, question, or uncertainty; decisive; convincing. Related words: Conclusively adv; conclusiveness noun Ex. The conclusive results of the medical tests indicated that Sally's operation had been successful.
Dubious adj. a. doubtful; uncertain b. questionable as to quality or validity Related Words: dubiously adv; dubiousness noun ex. Gretchen was dubious about the success of her plan
Indeterminate adj. a. Not capable of being determine or decided; not precisely known; indefinite b. lacking clarity or precision; vague ex. The amethyst necklace was of an indeterminate age
Inevitable adj. Incapable of being avoided or prevented Related Words: Inevitability noun; inevitably ex. In many places mosquitoes and Japanese beetles are inevitable summer irritations.
Precarious adj. Incapable of being avoided or prevented. Related Words: Inevitability noun; inevitably adv. Ex. In many places mosquitoes and Japanese beetles are inevitable summer irritations
Qualm noun a. A sensation of doubt or misgiving;uneasiness. b. A pang of conscience. c. A sudden, brief feeling of sickness, faintness, or nausea. ex. The critic hadn't a qualm about submitting the negative review of the play.
Unequivocal adj. Leaving no doubt or misunderstanding; perfectly clear Related Word: Unequivocally adv. Meredith answered the question with an unequivocal and enthusiastic "Yes!"
Vacillate verb. To waver indecisively between one course of action or opinion and another; hesitate. Related Word: As the he waited for the letter, Greg vacillated between optimism and pessimism about its contents
Created by: puppylove.jrr
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