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Where did the Nine get swept away when chasing Glorfindel and Frodo? Ford of Bruinen
Who is Elrond's daughter? Arwen
Which of the 12 companions of Thorin Oakenshield spoke with Frodo? Gloin
Who made the 3 Elven rings? Celebrimbor
Who was Celebrimbor's father? Curufin
Name 2 kingdoms that were once Numenorean. Arnor in the north & Gondor in the south
Who were the Elf & Men leaders of the Battle of Dagorlad? Gil-galad of the Elves and Elendil of men
What is the name of the broken sword in Rivendell? Narsil
What do the men in the north call the Ring? Isildur's Bane
Name the 2 towers in the city of Osgiliath. Minus Ithil - Tower of the Rising Moon Minas Anor - Tower of the Setting Sun
What tower do the Ringwraiths overtake and what is it renamed? Minas Ithil; Minas Morgul
What was the other tower renamed that Boromir calls his home? Minas Tirith - Tower of Guard
Father of Aragorn Arathorn
White Council expelled Sauron to ___________. Dol Guldur in southern Mirkwood
Treason Greatest foe of peace in Middle Earth
Gandalf read Isildur's account of the One Ring. In Minas Tirith
Manifested words of the One Ring. "It is precious to me."
Anduin River First step in One Ring's journey back to Sauron.
Ash nazg durbatuluk "One ring to rule them all."
Tower of Westernesse morphed into magic by the White Wizard. Orthanc
Rivendell Imladris
Swiftest of the great Eagles Gwaihir
Greatest of the Mearas Shadowfax
Oldest and fatherless Iarwain Ben-adar
Powers of Narya, Nenya, and Vilya Understanding, Making and Healing, Preservation
Flame of the West Anduril
Bilbo's presents Sting and Mithril coat
Redhorn Caradhras
Drink of sustenance Miruvor
Saruman's settlement Isengard
Demonic carriers of Orcs Wargs
To whom and where Narvi and Celebrimbor pay tribute Durin and Feanor at West Gate of Moria
Pedo mellon a minno Speak friend and enter
Ithildin or starmoon Mithril
Son of Fundin within the Chamber of Records Balin
Bridge of Moria Khazad-dum
Hithaeglir Misty Mountains
Tree people of Lothlorien Galadrim
Blind-folder Haldir
Yellow and white flowers Elanor and Niphredil
Secret of Cerin Amroth Timelessness
City of Galadriel and Celeborn Caras Galadon
Balrog of Moria Durin's Bane
Galadriel's insight Reading minds and hearts
Sam's vision in Galadriel's Mirror Frodo asleep, a stair, destruction of Shire
Ring of Adamant and its element Nenya - water
House of Elendil's heirloom Elfstone
Pillars of the Kings and who they represented Argonath - Anarion and Isildur
Boromir's attack Amon Hen
Steward of Gondor Denethor
Naur an edraith ammen Gandalf's spell of fire against the wargs
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