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French Vocabulary

Salute mes aims!- assorted vocabulary

Ecouter To listen
Comprendre To understand
Embeter To bother
Faire de la peche To go fishing
Faire du patin a roues alignes To go rollerskating
Faire de la plongee sous-marin To go diving
Faire la valise To pack a suitcase
Magasiner To shop
Perdre To lose
Preter to lend
amusant amusing
comprehensif understanding
Fort Strong
Genereux Generous
Honette Honest
Sur d'elle-meme Sure of herself
Genial Brilliant
D'accord OK
Formidable Astonishing/great
Sans Blague Not funny
Accepter To accept
Aider To help
Faire du photographie To take pictures
Faire de la planche a voile To go sailing
To go for a walk Faire une promenade
To bother Embeter
To tell Raconter
To dream Rever
To go out Sortir
Amusing Amusant
Adventurous Adventereuse
Understanding Comprehensif
determined Determine
Energetic Energetique
Loyal Loyale
Tolerant Tolerante
Serious Serieux
Nice Gentil/Sympa(Adj.)-Goes after Verb
Of Course Mais Oui!
Really? Vraiment
Created by: dnatha