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the cross and the sw

1,2,3 chapters bible

who is David Wilkerson? pastor of a church in Philipsburg, PA
who is Gwen Wilkerson? David's wife
Who is Michael Farmer? the boy that was killed by polio
what was the name of the gang that the boys were apart of? Dragons
how many boys were involved? 7 boys
twice in chapter one, he put a fleece before the Lord. What were they? 1. be church pastor or not 2. Sell his TV and spend time in prayer
who was judge davidson? judge of the farmer trial
how did he feel when the phone call did not go his way? discouraged
what incident made him think if it did not happen that his future would be different? If they had stopped for breakfast they would not have gotten the last two seats in the courtroom
What did " keep it up, preach, you're coming through" mean? he was saying that the message was begining to come through to their hearts.
What does carte blanche mean? connection, a way in to the gang
what advice did his mother give him about his mission? she said" God works in mysterious ways, and she said don't be quick to say your wrong.
why was his first trip to new york so important? he could connect with the gang & knew what the expect
maria said that she could not be saved. Why did she say that and where did she get that information. because she was a mainliner, the experts (doctors) say that their is no hope