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Lit and Comp

Oedipus book 1 test

one of the qualities of a tragic hero is nobility. How does Oedipus demonstrate this quality here? One of the qualities of a tragic hero is nobility. He'll do anything to help his people the thebens
How would you describe Oedipus's opinion of himself? Could this be problematic? explain He is very inquisitire and he thinks too hard
What qualities does Oedipus exhibit in lines 77-79? He is so honest and a good leader; tries to find the clues and the cause of the plague
What do these lines reveal about Oedipus? He is willful, tenacious, and even a bit arrogant
In what ways might this speech foretell the tragic hero's downfall? He has ultimately cursed himself
What does the passage suggest about Oedipus's fate? He discusses the idea of a dreadful fated foreshadowing
Why does Oedipus suddenly turn against Tiresias? He is impatient, hot-headed, impulsive
Is fury a desirable quality in a leader, or is it a flaw? Explain. He is flawed in the sense that he is furious and can thus be impulsive as a result
What can you infer about the attitude of the chorus's leader? He is a bit full of himself this could be what led to him shutting out what others tell him.
Why does Oedipus ask for Tiresias help and then refuse it? He only hears what he wants to hear
dignity Self esteem, pride
vengeance punishment,retaliation
denounce attack, condemn
dire grim, dismal
Type of ruler and Oedipus seams to be his people the Thebens look up to him like he is god- like
How citizens view and regard Oedipus
Punishment for Lauis' murderer Exile/ killed
Tiresias' role and his attributes verbally abused by Oedipus- not offended- tolerant- all knowing- thinks Creon set him up to this
Oedipus paranoia regarding Creon Brother in law-Oedipus thinks Creon is trying to over throw him.
Role of Chorus Observers- spectators-comments
Characters: Oedipus killed his father(which is the king) married his mother(which is the queen) doesn't know/ believe Tiresias. tragic flaw is he wants to know too much. won't believe what Tiresias is saying.
Character: Tiresias blind profit- all knowing- not trying to steal Oedipus' as king/ knows that Oedipus killed his father the king and married his mother the queen/ not making it up
Character: Creon Oedipus' brother in law-uncle
Character: King Laius Father of Oedipus tried to kill him so that prophecy wouldn't come true-but it happened- Oedipus killed his father-the king
Character:Jocasta the queen, wife of Oedipus
Character:Chorus of Theban citizens and their leader- observer- spectator-commentary
Conflict Who murdered King Laius? Oedipus- but doesn't know/believe or want to believe Tiresias
Plot: Tiresias is trying to Oedipus that he murdered King Laius
Created by: puppylove.jrr



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