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Romeo & Juliet


person vs person. person vs person it's when the Montage's and the Capulet's get in a brawl, outside of a gas station because their families don't get along with each other.
person vs society. person vs society it's when romeo is being chased by the police because he killed Tybalt.
dynamic character. Romeo is a dynamic character because at first he is in love with Rosaline with a depression in his mind, then he meets Juliet and falls in love with her, his mood changes afterwards.
static character. someone who is a static character(s) Romeos father and mother who only show up twice in the movie.
indirect characterization. when Romeo and Mercutio talk about Rosaline at a bar, and why Romeo is in love with her.
mood. the mood changes, sometimes it's romantic, exciting, and depressing because of the things that go on with Romeo & Juliets families
theme. i think the theme is, don't let others ruin your relationship because of what you are. Juliet was a Capulet and Romeo was a Montague, their families didn't get along with each other and that's why they couldn't be together!
symbol. when Juliet gave a necklace to Romeo right before he had to leave, he said that he will keep the necklace until they see each other again, Romeo want's to prove to her that he is willing to do anything just so they can be together.
foreshadowing. Romeo keeps having these weird dreams about his death, he says that if he goes to the party he will do something that will lead to his death.
Created by: isaiarroyo