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JC Act 1+2

jc act 1 +2

Tragedy: 1.piece of literature in which a main character suffers a ... ... 2. ... leads to death major downfall/downfall
Tragic Hero: 1. ... noble birth 2. tragic flaw (...) 3. moment of awareness before ... (...) 4. suffer a reversal of ... ; everything to nothing (...) high/harmatia/anagnorisis/peripeteia
Setting: 1. Ancient ... ; ... B.C. ; ... (month) Rome/44/March
First Triumvirate: 1. 2. 3. Crassus/Pompey/Caesar
1.popular 2.powerful roman general 3.deaf in one ear 4.aging(60) 5.selectively superstitious 6.falling sickness(epilepsy) 7.barren marriage 8.flaw=hubris Julius Caesar
1.Caesar's wife 2.strong 3.loves Caesar Calpurnia
1.praetor = judge 2.stoic = no emotion 3.highly respected 4.more aligned with Pompey Marcus Brutus
1.Marcus's wife 2.daughter of Cato Portia
1.manipulator 2.villain 3.anti hero Caius Cassius
1.loyal to Caesar 2.young 3.athletic 4.clever 6.loves to party Mark Antony
1.tribunes = well being of commoners Pompey Marullus, Flavius
... instructs ... to touch Calpurnia so that she may shake off their sterile curse Caesar/Antony
... warns Caesar to "Beware ..." The soothsayer/the ides of March
[iambic pentameter] 1.metrical system consisting of ... syllables 2.1st syllable = ... 2nd syllable = ... 3.5 iamb per line 4. verse = ... writing prose = ... writing 5. Shakespeare's plays = ... acts per play 2/unstressed/stressed/poetry/regular/5
... offers Caesar the crown ... times Caesar/3
a dramatic convention that allows the audience insight into the speaker's innermost thoughts and feelings Soliloquy
conspirators to end Caesar 1.Casca 2.Caius Cassius 3.Trebonius 4.Cinna 5.Decius Brutus 6.Metellus Cimber
... is the author of the letters written to to promote Brutus as king Cassius
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