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Welding Inspections

Types and Inspections

What kind of weld is used when two pieces of metals overlap each other? Lap Weld
Used for a 90 degree angle joint of two peices of metals Fillet Weld
This weld must pentrate 25-50 percent thickness of the bade material. Fillet Weld
Two pieces of metals aligned and good penetration of 100%. Butt Weld
Weld performed from both sides. Double Butt Weld
When holes and globules are found in welds what must one do? All of the old weld must be removed and rewelded
One characteristic of a good weld is that no oxide should be formed on the base material more than? 1/2 inch from the weld
Makes the molten metal boil causing bumps along the center and craters alond the weld edge. Too much acetylene
Has irregular edges and considerable variation in depth of pentration. Cold Weld
Produces a weld with pitting along its edges and pointed ripples. Excessive heat
What happens to the part if it is cooled too quickly after being welded? Cracks often appear adjacent to the weld
What are three common methods of joingin metal? Soldering, Brazing, and Welding
A method of joining materials in which a portion of each piece is melted and combined in its molten state. Welding
Depth of fusion in a weld. (Most important characteristic of a good weld.) Penetration
Uniform in width, with even ripples that taper off smoothly into the base metal. Good Weld
Why is it considered good practice to normalize a part after welding? To relieve internal stresses developed within the base metal
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