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BUSN-1010 Conroy 14

Chapter 14

Advertising Paid non-personal communication by an identified sponsor using various media to inform an audience about a product.
Distribution Centers Provide storage of products for the short periods of time for collection and distribution elsewhere.
Infomercials Extended TV commercials ranging from 2 to 28.5 minutes that are devoted exclusively to promoting a product in considerable detail.
Institutional Advertising This consists of presentations that promote a favorable image for an organization.
Logistics Planning an implementing the details of moving raw materials, finished goods, and related information along the supply chain, from origin to points of consumption to meet customer requirements.
Personal Selling Face-to-face communication and promotion to influence customers to buy goods and services.
Retailers Intermediaries who sell products directly to customers.
Wholesalers AKA middlemen, these are intermediaries who sell products to other business for resale to ultimate customers or to institutions and businesses for use in their operations.
Word-of-Mouth Marketing A promotional technique in which people tell others about products they have purchased or firms they have used.
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