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Edmodo Library

Building a Library and Sharing Resources

The Edmodo library link is a picture of ____________ on the top navigation bar. books
You can create these in your library to help you stay organized. folders
You can share your folders with colleagues or your ______________ . groups
Your Edmodo library has __________________ storage space. unlimited
Any item that you tag as a favorite will also appear in the favorites tab on your teacher ______________ page. profile
The two options available when you click "Add to your Library" are files and ________ . link
When you want to add a website to your Edmodo library, first navigate to the site and copy the ______ . URL
"My Folders" are folders that you create yourself. What are the other folders called that you have been given access to? Shared
Search and filter your library contents by using ________ words in the search box. key
Though you have unlimited storage space in Edmodo, the max size of any one file is ______. 100MB
If you need to edit the name of your folder, you can click on the _____ icon. gear
If you click on the gear icon, you can edit the name of your folder or ________ it. delete
If you want to see how a website or file will look in Edmodo, view it in your folder's _______ view. play
You can copy the contents of a folder that has been shared with you. True or False? True
You can _____ and drop the contents of a folder to reorder and organize resources within the folder. drag
You can select ______________ library items at one time to move them to a folder. multiple
When you share a folder with a group, it will appear in the folder section of your group's __________ . page
Created by: mrstompkins