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WEST Photography

WEST Developing film, shutter speed, aperture, film

What film speed do we use in Photography? 400ASA
What are ISO and ASA representative of? Film Speed
What does film format refer to? Size of the film
What is another word for f/stop? Aperture
What would you associate the numbers 30, 125, 250? Shutter Speed
Which would be a larger aperture openinng, f/22 or f/5.6? f/5.6
What TWO controls determine photographic exposure? Aperture and Shutter Speed
True or false: You should load film in BRIGHT light. False
Name the first chemical used in processing film. Developer
What is the FIRST thing you do when you enter the darkroom? Make sure ventilation is turned on - red switches are lit.
What is the FIRST thing you should do if you splash chemical in your eye? Wash with cold water for 15 minutes
Which solution is ready to use; Stock solution or Working solution? Working Solution
Bubbles in the developing tank can be removed by doing what? Rapping the tank on the edge of the sink to release bubbles
What is the job of the film DEVELOPER? Brings the latent image to view
What is unique about the DEVELOPER? Developer is the ONLY chemical that is used only once and discarded
What is the job of the FIXER? It makes the image permanent.
Why can we have the lights on when we develop film? The film is in a light tight tank
How many reels of film go in the developing tank? TWO
TRUE or FALSE: You may reel film with the safe lights on. FALSE - Film must be reeled in TOTAL darkness
What is unique about the FIXER? You may open tank to look at film/chemical 1/2 way through the process.
What does bad FIXER look like? Watered down milk
What is the job of the STOP BATH? Stop Bath stops the working action of the Developer
What is unique about the STOP BATH? It turns purple when it is no longer good.
What is the job of the HYPO CLEAR? It cuts washing time down by 1/3.
What might you shoot high speed film for? Action shots
What is a situation you might shoot slow film for? Still Life, Landscape
What is the ASA range for slow film? 25-under 400ASA
What is the job of the PHOTO FLO? Photo Flo is used to help keep streaks from forming on film
What is the temperature that chemicals should be for use? 68 degrees
8, 16, 11,22 are numbers that would indicate what? f/stop or APERTURE
Created by: westphotography